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Best Training For Gaming Courses In 2023

Games are indeed a significant new art form, and game design courses have become more and more common. Students who enrol in these programmes can get practical experience, to help them get ready for their future employment according to their passion.

You might be wondering what a game design course entails. Theoretical and practical study areas are separated in programmes that emphasise this skill set. Success depends on having a solid understanding of game theory. 

Courses on games like poker and chess can help you develop a set of your own talents that will eventually sharpen your mind. Critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and group collaboration are essential for the same. 

At Elektev we have courses specially made keeping in mind the two very famous and classic games – poker and chess. 

Poker For Beginners

Students who complete this programme will be prepared to work as entry-level poker dealers. Students will study the fundamentals of poker, dealing mechanics, how to run a competition, and all other dealing techniques. Students will gain a general understanding of poker dealing as well as its guidelines. You must be able to manage chips and bad deals if you want to be a dealer. Additionally, you must be familiar with the guidelines for the many games you are expected to deal with. We’ll show you how to adopt a dealer’s attitude so you’re ready for any unusual circumstances that may arise. 

Following that, you will become familiar with the key terms you may encounter when dealing.

Our mission is to pass the audition, help you become a successful, competent poker dealer, and teach you every facet of dealing poker. You’ll discover how to deal with games like flop, draw, and stud. We give you all the knowledge and training you need to perfect your abilities and advance to the level of a top-tier dealer. 

You will have the self-assurance, tenacity, and resolve after completing your training to succeed like a professional poker player anywhere in the globe.

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Perfect Your Micro Stakes Online Poker Skills

Are you an accomplished player of micro stakes poker seeking to dominate the micro stakes? Do you wish to leave the micro stakes and play at higher levels?

You will learn everything you require in this course to master the micro stakes and advance to greater stakes:

  • Range-Based Master Considering learning to read hands well
  • Learn combinatorics to boost your hand reading skills.
  • Recognize the significance of expanding your ranges
  • Up your stealth and defence game.
  • Develop your squeeze play, isolation raising, and floating skills.
  • Learn about the polarised 3-Betting Ranges’ art and science.
  • Study Bluffing with a Purpose
  • How to Profit from Dead Money
  • Use hand history lessons to your advantage by learning how to use them.
  • Learn how to raise the stakes with practical tactics.

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Learn and Play Chess

Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, and millions more still dream of playing the game. Chess players and those learning the game will benefit from this course. In this course, all of the fundamentals—including the chessboard, an introduction to each piece, rules, and moves—are presented and explained via video lectures. Then, once everything was finished, some advanced versions of the courses were added to ensure that everyone understood the material previously presented. After taking this course, everyone can play chess with certainty. Even without audio or voice teaching, students can understand what is happening on the screen by concentrating on the mouse cursor.This course is set up so that anyone taking it will be able to grasp the basics of the game and begin playing chess at a high level immediately after finishing it.Following are few things you will learn from the course:

  • Learn about some unique techniques like casting and queening.
  • Learn about the pawn’s En-Passant move.
  • Rules, moves, and information on the chessboard and all pieces.
  • Students will learn the fundamentals of the chess game in this course.

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Learn Tactical Chess Manoeuvres to Win at Chess

Intricate chess themes like destroying pawn, stalemate,pawn promotion, material restriction, tempo gain, intermediate move, tempo gain, and destroying pawn cover are covered in this course. We will show you how to uncover these tactics when playing your own chess games as well as the theory behind these tactical chess plays.

Typically, this course is divided into 6 segments. There are three to four tutorials studying various chess puzzles in each area (the difficulty increases as you go along). To show how powerful these tactical moves can be, each section also requires an assessment of a game that was played between two grandmasters of chess. You will discover how to merge several tactical patterns into one in the last session. Following are few things you will learn from the course:

  • Recognize the basics of tactical strikes
  • Become adept at combining tactical motifs in a single line.
  • Learn how to use only pieces to assault the opposing king (without pawns) improve your tactical abilities
  • Discover the most effective move in specific positions.
  • Enhance the level of your chess performances.
  • Learn how to preserve a game at the final possible moment.
  • Learn how to limit your opponent’s resources to avoid a checkmate.

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