Best AWS Courses in 2023

Best AWS Courses in 2023

AWS-Amazon Web Services has become a leading and widely-used cloud platform. It has covered more than 35 percent of the market share, while the competitors like IBM, Google and Microsoft Azure combinedly account for 30 percent of the market share. On the other hand, the demand for qualified and experienced AWS-certified professionals is also growing as more businesses are now migrating to the cloud.

That means it is an amazing opportunity for IT professionals to go into this field. Soon, cloud computing and AWS skills will become necessary, and if you have no experience with this, then moving ahead as a cloud developer will be difficult for you. So, if you want to enhance your skills, then here are some AWS courses that you can opt for in 2023. 

Top AWS Courses to go for in 2023

Looking to learn Amazon Web Services online or want to get the best and in-demand AWS certification? Check out the best AWS courses that can help you to advance your career in cloud computing. 

AWS For C#/.NET Developers

AWS empowers C#/.NET Developers to develop the high-performance.NET application on the innovative platform of AWS. And this AWS for C#/.NET Developersoffered by Elektev can further enhance the knowledge of .NET developers. By enrolling in the course, developers will learn the methods to use AWS technology with C#/ .NET application through AWS SDK. Besides, you will also learn how to use S3 or Simple Storage Service in AWS. What’s more? The students will gain knowledge about working with Glacier archiving services, SNS, DynamoDB, SQS services and more.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

This is one of the best courses to learn AWS. Even though the course focuses on the AWS Solution Architect examination, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course can also offer a detailed overview of AWS. In this course, you will learn about different AWS services and concepts such as Auto Scaling, EC2, IAM, Route 53, S3, Load Balancing, CloudFront and more. On the other hand, you will also learn about Redshift, Monitoring, CloudTrail, ElastiCache and more. 

AWS MasterClass: Storage and CDN

The AWS MasterClass Storage and CDN course available at Elektev is focused on various CDN and storage services available in AWS. You can learn how to work with the AWS architecture and deploy the services. Besides, it covers the services like EBS, AWS S3, CloudFront, EFS and more. You can learn how to use CloudFront CDN services to monitor, update and offer selective content. The combination of such toolsets and services offers end-to-end capabilities of automated testing, and source code builds, deployment and more. You will be able to lower the risk in the software development cycle. So, go for it now. 

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate course is for system administrator experts with 1 year of experience in the operation and deployment of AWS services. This course covers data transfer between AWS and data centers, deployment as well as management of various applications in AWS, and more. This course will help you to pass the AWS SysOps Administrator exam and clear the path to becoming an AWS Systems Operator. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02

This is a course to learn about AWS services in detail and can help you to pass your AWS solution architect certification exam. While going through this course, you will explore more about the AWS platform and different AWS services. You will learn about Autoscaling, RDS, Cloud Front, EMR, RedShift, Route53, VPC and more. The course also comes with important white papers and other study assignments that will help you to easily clear the exam. Go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course and give your career in cloud computing a perfect boost. 

DevOps With AWS CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and Jenkins

This particular course is designed to enhance your DevOps skills. In this course, you will learn about continuous deployment, continuous delivery, and continuous integration in the AWS platform. Besides, the expert will teach you how to successfully configure an automatic build in AWS CodeDeploy. What’s more? You will also learn how to develop an automated CD and CI pipeline using AWS CodePipeline. Furthermore, it also covers AWS EC2 and AWS RDS and PostgreSQL databases. As the demand for cloud experts with Jenkins and AWS experience is growing, this DevOps With AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy can help you secure a high-paid job, 

AWS CloudFormation Master Classes 

The AWS CloudFormation Master Classes is created for cloud developers who want to learn more about AWS CloudFormation and developing templates. The course educates how to successfully write infrastructure using YAML with CloudFormation. You will learn about all the features as well as the building blocks of CloudFormation in detail. The AWS instructor, in this course, will cover topics like CloudFormation Parameters, Metadata, Drift, First Hands, Conditions, Outputs, Nested Stacks and more. Besides, the course also covers some advanced concepts such as Deletion Policy, Troposphere and more. Developers with a basic understanding of AWS and knowledge of YAML or JSON can find this course a little easy to complete. 

Building Containerized Applications On AWS

The Building Containerized Applications on AWS course is designed to be an AWS Certification and Training team at Amazon. This course offers a detailed introduction to different container technologies and methods to use them to modernize various applications. Besides you will also learn how AWS services can be utilized to orchestrate and manage the containers on the AWS platform. You will learn about ECS-Amazon Elastic Container Services, ECR- Elastic Container Registry and EKS- Elastic Kubernetes Services. You can easily learn about these things by going through video-based lectures, hands-on lab exercises, etc. 

AWS Advanced Security

Are you curious to know about security on the AWS platform? Want to avoid data breaches and keep your cloud infrastructure protected? The Aws Advanced Security course can help you with this. In this course, you will learn about security factors that one needs to consider while creating and operating infrastructure on AWS. The course is perfect for those with basic knowledge of AWS and who want to explore more about AWS Security. The course includes topics like AWS Compliance Control, Identity Management through Auth0, controlling VPC network, advanced data protection, CloudTrail and more. 

IAC AWS CloudFormation 

If you are looking for a free AWS course to learn about CloudFormation, then Elektev’s IAC AWS CloudFormation can be a good option for you. This course teaches about IAC or Infrastructure of Code, AWS CloudFormation and AWS Cloud. You will learn how to use CloudFormation to develop a collection of AWS as well as third-party resources and manage them properly. You will also learn the use of AWS CDK in coding to detect configuration drift, import existing resources, create a new registry and more. The course will explain all the benefits that a business can enjoy using AWS CloudFormation. Go for it and develop all the required CloudFormation tricks and skills. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from these AWS courses, you can also go for other AWS courses on Elektev to enhance your knowledge and skills about the AWS platform. All these courses will not just help you in your current job but also help you to explore more lucrative career opportunities in the future. Check out the courses and choose one as per your requirements now.