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AWS Advanced Security

Learn how to setup secure infrastructure on AWS using Identity Management, locked down VPCs, VPNs, CloudTrail, and more
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AWS Advanced Security use-cases
Identity Management in AWS (with Auth0)
VPC Network controls
AWS Compliance Controls (with CloudTrail)
Advanced Data Protection in AWS
Security Best Practices

Curious about security on AWS? Read about data breaches on cloud providers and want to avoid it yourself? Learn now how to protect your data, and manage your infrastructure in a secure way

Your course instructors are AWS consultants with years of experience in Cloud & Security.

Our goals:

  • We aim to get you better informed about the security considerations when running infrastructure on AWS

  • We want to do this using simple, but accurate and real world examples, we want to make complex topics easy to understand

The lectures range from simple security features to really complex event driven systems to keep your AWS accounts in compliance based on a set of rules. All the scripts and commands are on our GitHub repository so you can easily download everything to your workstation (GitHub URL is in document after this lecture

AWS Advanced Security
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