A Guide to the Best AWS Certification Courses

2023’s Top AWS Certification Courses: Boost Your Cloud Skills and Land Your Dream Job

Cloud computing has a considerable amount of potential which is why it isn’t surprising to see global spending in this sector rising with each passing year. With cloud skills coming into great demand, there has never been a better time for data scientists to learn this valuable resource.

This is where Amazon Web Services or AWS comes into the picture.

As a simple, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable platform, AWS puts the bulk of cloud services at your fingertips. But to leverage this resource in full, auditors need to fully understand AWS in its entirety first.

To assist with this process, here are 2023’s top AWS certification courses to boost your cloud skills and land your dream job!

The Best AWS Certification Courses in 2023 (What They Are and Why They’re Worth It)

At the moment, the right professional AWS certification program can open up amazing opportunities for data scientists. The most challenging part is identifying just which courses are worth your time and resource investment.

There is a wide range of options in this category. Some of the best ones include:

Amazon AWS Certified Big Data Practice Tests Certification

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of opportunities for data scientists in cloud computing. However, the competition in the industry has increased significantly in recent years. This means that new entrants into this field need to decisively prove that they have the skills and competencies to thrive here.

Image of an AWS Program Running

One resource that can be used to do that effortlessly is the Amazon AWS certified big data practice tests certification program.

What to Expect From Amazon AWS Certified Big Data Practice Tests Certification

This program is configured to help data scientists highlight their skills and achievements. It’s also geared towards helping these individuals advance their expertise and add to their wealth of experience.

It offers a plethora of expert insights as well as resources and processes that’ll equip auditors with all the necessary tools and resources needed to secure that AWS certification.

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate – Preparation

In the tech industry today, it isn’t enough to just have a CV filled with certifications. Rather, what matters is that every certification you acquire actually adds significant value to your professional standing.

The AWS Certified Solution Architect certificate is currently so highly valued that its acquisition usually leads to the upward review of the average data scientist’s income.

What to Expect From AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate – Preparation Offers

Intending auditors can expect to learn the concepts of various AWS Database options and AWS networking in this program. This course will also discuss the principles of AWS storage options as well as monitoring and security on the platform as well.

Finally, several key services that AWS offers such as Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancer will also be explained in detail as well.

All of this is in addition to attaching a recognized seal of approval to your CV as well!

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Certification Practice

One reason that makes getting AWS certification so challenging is that it’s such an expansive space. As a result, students usually have so much to cover that they wound up losing their way. As is only to be expected, all of the information auditors have to absorb in this area is germane.

However, there are aspects that students need to give more specific and detailed attention to. These are the areas that this program focuses exclusively on.

What to Expect From AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Certification Practice

Arguably the biggest offering of this course is the 100-plus questions that it challenges auditors with. Each of these questions highlights different key aspects of AWS and compels auditors to brush up their knowledge of cloud computing in more in-demand areas.

Additionally, as this program offers lifetime access, it affords auditors precious reference material they can readily consult at any point in the future.

AWS Certification Exams – A Complete Guide

Are AWS certifications and skills in high demand at the moment?

Yes, they are.

Are there a lot of opportunities for data scientists in this niche?

Yes, there are.

Is a career in this niche worth pursuing?


A Big Question Mark

The above are arguably the most commonly-asked questions among data scientists before they plunge into this field.

However, there are other equally important questions prospective entrants into AWS must ask before making any decisions. AWS Certification Exams – A Complete Guide helps you identify these questions and find the appropriate answers.

What to Expect From AWS Certification Exams – A Complete Guide

As the course title implies, this program is a comprehensive guide to all that is AWS certification. It helps auditors ask the big questions like what learning paths they should explore and the best way to define their certification journey.

It also offers clear pointers on the best tools and resources for excelling in each domain.

Complete – AWS Solution Architect Certification [SAA-C02]

With so many tools and services available, AWS is a wide space that only seems to get more expansive. This is one reason that beginners (and even professionals who are familiar with this space) need to update their knowledge of the field constantly.

This program breaks down all the essential features of AWS into comprehensible bits that amply prepare auditors for their certification.

What to Expect From Complete – AWS Solution Architect Certification [SAA-C02]

This course is designed to prepare students for the AWS Solution Architect Certification Exam. In addition to this, it’ll also provide auditors with the right skill sets to build and deploy functioning applications on this cloud computing platform.

The Hands of a Person While Taking Their AWS Certification Exam

Bottom Line

All the programs listed above are 2023’s top AWS certification courses to boot your cloud skills and land your dream job. They’ve been selected from the multitude of available options because they contain the right materials to give auditors a leg-up in the field.

However, more than just helping students get certification, they provide a hands-on learning approach that can improve your cloud skills considerably.

Check out some of the best online courses to meet your New Year’s resolution here.

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