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Coursera Review 2023 – Is Coursera Legit & Worth It?

Learning is no longer limited to the conventional classroom paradigm. Should auditors choose to, they can do everything from earning an academic degree to advancing their professional career, all from the comfort of their homes! But when leveraging resources like these, it always helps to know all about the platforms offering these services beforehand.

As one of the world’s leading online learning platforms, Coursera has made quite a name for itself over the years. But what exactly is Coursera? And, more importantly, is Coursera legit & worth it?

Here’s a Coursera review 2023 that’ll help students figure out all they need to know about the platform this year.

What is Coursera – Everything You Need to Know

Coursera is one of the first modern online learning platforms ever launched. It was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, two Stanford University professors. As a highly refined online learning space, Coursera lets students take online education courses with the ultimate goal of earning a degree from top universities and organizations.

At the moment, there’s a high demand for skilled labor in fields like UX and UI design, computer science, marketing, social sciences, and data sciences, among others. Coursera remains to date one of the best online resources students can tap into to gain much-needed expertise in these areas.

Platforms like Coursera are leading the charge in the digital world. Readily accessible from anywhere in the world, these virtual-based learning spaces eliminate the need for students to go out and learn. In doing so, Coursera effectively enhances the learning experience.

Is Coursera Legit?

Yes, Coursera is a legitimate online learning platform. Many of the free and paid programs that this learning space offers contain highly relevant and valuable information. This ensures that auditors get job-oriented data that helps them achieve their objectives for taking the courses more easily.

Are Coursera Courses Worth It?

Yes, Coursera courses are worth it. As this medium offers truly worthwhile courses and programs from nearly 300 leading contributors from around the world, you not only get a wealth of quality options to choose from but auditors can get more niche with their field of interest as well.

However, it bears pointing out that Coursera itself doesn’t offer most of these courses. As such, how much value or relevance is attached to any certificate obtained from the platform will be influenced heavily by the reputation of the prestigious university or company the course was taken with.

Top Reasons Online Learning with Coursera is Worth It

There are several significant benefits to be had from leveraging this learning medium. Some of the most relevant ones include:

Coursera Offers Courses From Highly Reputable Universities and Organizations

Even though many experts would argue that it shouldn’t matter, the fact remains that most employers attach a lot of importance to the reputation of the organization where auditors get their certification.

So usually, the more high-profile the university or organization is, the more regard is given to the certificate.

Coursera is partnered with big names like IBM, Stanford University, Imperial College, and Google, to mention a few. What this means is that students will have no shortage of top-notch learning programs from highly relevant institutions to choose from on this platform.

By extension, most certification obtained from Coursera is held in high esteem.

Coursera Offers a Host of Affordable Courses and Degrees

Not only is Coursera legit and worth it, but this learning medium also makes acquiring certification more affordable as well. Along these lines, auditors will find that not only are the course prices remarkably low but many of the degree programs offered on the platform are much more affordable than their campus-based alternatives as well.

Many Free Courses are Available on Coursera

At present, nearly 3, 000 courses are available to students on this online learning platform at no charge! However, while you can start and complete these programs without having to pay anything, you won’t be eligible to get certification for them.

That said, auditors who opt to upgrade will receive this option and their certificate(s) will be promptly made available for download.

Coursera Provides Access to High-Quality Courses

All the courses, programs, and materials on Coursera are made available by leading experts in their field from top academic institutions and organizations. This in itself is an assurance of quality.

However, the online learning platform goes one step further here by utilizing its large community of beta testers to further ensure that all the resources it dispenses to the public aren’t only of the highest standard but are also up to date as well.

Auditors Can Learn Offline with Coursera

In sharp contrast to similar online learning platforms, Coursera makes offline learning possible for its auditors. By using the Coursera app, students can simply download the course materials that they need and peruse them offline.

While this feature isn’t necessarily a big deal, it can come in handy when students are going for a plane trip or have to stay somewhere with less than a stellar Internet connection.

Is Coursera Accredited?

Yes, Coursera has been duly accredited by several reputable global universities and learning institutions. At the moment, some of the premier universities that have endorsed this platform include Yale, Stanford University, Berklee, Pennsylvania State, and Imperial College London, among others.

This, coupled with several other factors make certification from Coursera an invaluable addition to any student or professional’s CV.

Coursera – The Final Verdict

Coursera is undoubtedly a great online learning platform for people who can’t or choose not to leverage more traditional learning resources. For a budget-friendly sum, auditors can access more than 7, 000 different courses from leading organizations from around the world.

On the whole, auditors will find using this online platform to be both profitable and worthwhile.

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