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How to Earn Money Creating and Teaching Online Courses

With 2023 getting into full swing, now is a good time as any to double down and really look for creative and sustainable ways of making money. One way to go about this is to find the best online courses to meet your New Year’s resolution. This can help individuals pick up crucial new skills and maximize their opportunities. However, another equally viable approach is learning how to earn money creating and teaching online courses.

Creating and teaching online courses is a great way of making passive income as well as getting more visibility for your brand.

Here’s everything that professionals need to know to start earning big from this avenue.

How to Earn Money Creating and Teaching Online Courses – The Complete Guide

Learning how to earn money creating and teaching online courses involves a fair number of processes. However, it isn’t in any way complicated. So, interested parties can pick up all the resources that they need to master this art with relative ease.

Below is a complete breakdown of everything that goes into creating and monetizing your course on online platforms.

Online Courses – What They Are

Before a professional can get into the full process of making and getting their online courses out there, it may help to have a clear idea of just what it is that they’ll be doing first.

With that notion comes the question, what exactly are online courses?

Simply put, online courses can be described as an aggregation of various resources which include but aren’t limited to written content, videos, audio files, and PDF files created with the specific purpose of aiding efficient knowledge transfer.

Due to this, one of the first and most important resources that anyone who wants to venture into this field needs to have is an in-depth understanding of any relevant subject. Once an individual can infuse sufficient value into their online course material, their target audience will be more inclined to subscribe to their services.

Knowing the above, here’s what every professional needs to know to create the ideal online course.

Creating an Online Course – How to Get Started

There are numerous approaches an individual can adopt to create their online course(s). That said, Elektev has found that this process becomes increasingly easier and more streamlined when professionals leverage platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Teachable.

In either event, this is a simple 5-step guide that anyone can follow to create any course of their choice.

Step One – Perform Extensive Research

Every online course starts with an idea. Now, if a professional is to make that idea into a full-fledged course worth purchasing, they have to infuse it with impactful knowledge. The only way to do this is to research the course idea(s) at length.

Doing so means not just thoroughly understanding the subject matter but also the target audience as well. By knowing what their wants and fears are, it becomes easier to craft an online course that addresses the target audiences’ needs.

Step Two – Choose a Platform for the Course

Intending subscribers to the course will have to do so through a platform. As such, professionals should be extra conscious of which platforms they choose to host their courses.

The best platforms are those that offer you a wealth of students as well as other instructors. Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Teachable rank highly in this regard.

Step Three – Make Good Quality Videos

In this day and age, most people have become visual learners. As such, any professional who wants their online course to be a hit has to account for that fact. In this case, that means ensuring that many helpful videos are adequately supplied in the course material.

Instructors can opt to either make the videos themselves or outsource that aspect of the project to a competent freelancer.

Step Four – Prepare a Professional-Level Workbook

A good workbook is a non-negotiable component of any quality online course. As such, intending facilitators should make extra efforts to design a well-packaged and high-quality workbook that their target audience will find easy and convenient to use.

Step Five – Price and Sell

The final step in this process involves adequately and accurately pricing the online course. For instructors to do this properly, they must have a pre-established income goal in mind.

Using this goal, they can figure out how many people they need to sell this product to at a given price to hit their set target. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just basic. This is because providing the content is good, there is every chance that instructors can make several times more than their initial income goal.

With all of this settled, facilitators can move on to actively selling the online course.

How to Market an Online Course

The final stage in learning how to earn money creating and teaching online courses is knowing how to properly market this product. Some of the best ways that facilitators can do that include:

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can prove highly effective in helping auditors spread the word about their online courses. They can serve as the ideal medium to highlight various key features of the course and attract more attention.

Running Ads

Thanks to the advanced algorithms that Facebook Ads and Google Ads run, instructors can launch marketing campaigns that’ll easily zero in on their main target audience and drag in traffic.

Using Guest Posts

Another common medium of marketing online courses that can be very rewarding is writing guest posts. As a facilitator, you just need to find niche-related websites and get content you can easily link to your course on those platforms.

Preparing Content on YouTube

Remember, we’re in the visual age and video content is currently one of the most appealing channels through which an instructor can reach people who can benefit from their online course.

All a facilitator has to do is prepare videos that talk about the value that the online course they’ve prepared can add to potential students. Then, post this content on YouTube.


Learning the basics of how to earn money creating and teaching online courses can be a lot to handle, especially at first. However, given time, instructors will get the hang of this process and will become able to use it to generate significant revenue with ease.

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