Online Course Fan Stories: Google Analytics for Beginners Review (Episode #1 with Jesse)

Hear from real students of online courses about why they choose to learn online, what courses they would recommend and more in our video series “Online Course Fan Stories”.

In this episode, Jesse shares why he recommends the online course: Google Analytics for Beginners

My name is Jesse and I’m the Director of KAYAK Product SEO at KAYAK and the Managing Director of KAYAK Germany, and I’m a fan of online courses.

Why are you a fan of online courses?

I’m a huge fan of online courses because they allow you to learn at your own customized schedule whenever its convenient for you. Taking an online course is also a quick and effective way to gain new skills that can help boost your career. It’s great to be able to take one or two classes online to quickly develop and get certified for a skill without how having to wait years for a certification as one often has to do in order to earn a traditional educational certification or degree.

What’s an online course you have taken before that you would recommend?

An online course that I’ve taken and would recommend to anyone interested in online marketing or data science and learning the basics about website data collection and analysis is called Google Analytics for Beginners offered by Google Analytics Academy.

I recommend Google Analytics for Beginners because it’s a free useful introductory course to one of the most popular Analytics tools used by many online technology companies, and having a solid understanding of how to use Google Analytics is a valuable skill to have in such companies. After getting comfortable myself with using Google Analytics, I quickly became one of the go-to people within the Marketing department for Google Analytics related-questions which was has been helpful to my career.

What I really like about the course is that they provide you with demo account content, data and exercises to help you really understand and be able to demonstrate what you’ve learn.

This course will also help you prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate which can be useful to have on your CV when applying for jobs.

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