Beginners PHP Tutorial: Learn PHP Basics Fast In This Free Course

PHP is a very effective programming language for building interactive and dynamic websites. If you are interested in learning this language and starting a career in web development, we’ve got just the perfect limited-time free course offer for you from development course provider BitDegree to help you on your programmer path.

But first, why PHP?

PHP is a simple and yet powerful scripting language has been used to build and operate well-known applications like WordPress and even Facebook. There is also a huge market of jobs available for people with PHP skills.

The PHP Course we recommend

We have manually reviewed a course and we find simple yet challenging and suitable for those looking for a resource to acquire basic PHP skills and foundational knowledge on which they can build a solid understanding of this programming language:

Bootstrap and PHP Blog Tutorial Step by Step

This step by step PHP tutorial offers a very friendly interface and curriculum that gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment and understanding with each task you complete.

Course interface

php course interface

Each lecture has it’s own interactive interface where you will learn the basics of PHP and also get to apply your knowledge by completing an interesting project (Blog page) which you can use for your own purposes. Learn more about this course here: Bootstrap and PHP Blog Tutorial Step by Step

Improve your PHP learning experience with XAMPP

If you’ve decided mastering PHP is something you would like to invest into, we recommend using the XAMPP server which would create a full developers environment on your local machine including PHP, MYSQL and Apache.

Good luck and have fun!

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