Benefits of Online Learning: For Techies

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Benefits of Online Learning: For Techies

by Saurabh Kumar

With the pandemic spreading across the globe, all significant Universities of the world are embracing online learning be it, Harvard, in the USA, UNSW in Australia, the traditional ways of education are getting obsolete. It is same as the great Fintech revolution after the 2008 financial crisis where people for the first time, understood that the status quo of big financial institutions could be challenged and there are alternative ways for them to the bank. A similar revolution is happening in the field of education. With the most renounced Universities becoming online, the lines between Oxford or Udacity or Udemy is getting blurred.

“Shall I take my course online, or shall I take face-to-face classes?” is what many students in Universities across the globe struggle with, especially now more than ever, of course, we all grew up taking offline classes with professors and TAs but the same level of education and learning can be obtained at a fraction of cost and often free of cost through online means. And a lot of technology courses and concepts especially in Machine Learning, Cloud and in Fintech are getting updated which requires constant learning as compared to a one-off gig. Employers today need skilled engineers, and they don’t care if you have a degree or not and slowly and gradually, this is getting universal acceptance.

One of the things that working professionals need to showcase if they are switching roles or applying for a better position is that they are constantly learning and upgrading themselves, with limited options in niche technologies and often limited time, Online courses come to the resume. No matter if you are 22 or 62, online learning is for you. And a lot of Online learning platforms offer student community, mentorship and job fairs which supplements well with your ambitions and progress. With online learning, you can learn whatever you want, whenever you want and there is no bureaucracy involved in attending classes at fixed hours, living in a completely unknown city or country, and struggling in an extremely competitive learning environment. With online learning, you can just focus on education and take a break from it if you need it.

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