Benefits of online courses

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Benefits of Online Courses

by Ashutosh Katkam

The exponential growth in technology has lead to many interesting changes in our lives. One of them is online education that made everyone easy to access the best faculties and industry experts all over the globe. Those days are gone where people used to learn machine language to perform tasks on the computer it is the era of machine learning where the machines learn on their own. In parallel with rapid advances technology, we also need to get advanced in learning them that can easily possible by the online education. Online courses bring the knowledge of new technologies even to the student in some remote village. No subject is easy or hard to learn it just depends on the way the teacher teaches it. These online courses will help in reaching the world’s top-class teachers to our home study table via a globally connected platform internet. The famous physics professor Walter Lewin says “Teacher who make Physics boring are criminals” I agree with this point and this online education can bring Prof.Walter Lewin lectures onto my study table. That helps students to explore the beauty of the concepts behind the boring textbook theories. Online courses are pocket friendly, any time and any place access.

The role of online courses in my life I want to say it in terms of a simple equation format Online courses = Expert teachers + Pocket-friendly + Global classmates + lot of enjoyment. It saves me a lot of time rather than traveling to the coaching centers in the heavy traffic or during the early morning hours before the sunrise. Online courses help to more focussed and they are self-paced unlike in the traditional classes where the faculty assumes every student understood the concept even just a group of people shook their heads. The world is moving rapidly so we need to match our pace with it to sustain this competitive world and be at the top position. This whole thing can just happen we can access the updated curriculum that is available only through online courses where the traditional university methods would take not less than 10 years to change the curriculum.

Now considering this pandemic time these online courses are the saviour to many of the students in achieving their growth in the industry and their career advancement. The increased efforts in bringing the interactive content in the online courses are attracting a lot more people towards it and helping them in understanding the concepts better and easier way. We have the best option of pausing the video lectures and repeating the class to clarify doubts or to revise makes the online courses unbeatable over the traditional classroom. This online education will help in improving our education standard and in other words it is the future of education. Though it may not replace whole traditional classes some parts would be shifted online. We can finally say that online courses are indeed helpful and useful to each and every student in the world ranging from remote areas to students at the world’s top universities.

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