10 Best Python Courses to Take In 2023

Are you interested in improving your programming skills by taking an online course in Python? Well, with the best online Python courses available online, you can become an expert Python programmer within weeks.

Moreover, these courses are ideal for beginners and experienced coders. Therefore, any aspiring programmer looking to master programming skills in Python can take these online courses to access Python libraries that simplify programming.

Best Online Python Courses

If you’re looking for the best Python courses in 2023, here are ten beginner-level online courses that will help jumpstart your programming career by helping you develop critical programming skills.

Python Complete Course for Python Beginners

Beginners looking to learn professional Python skills can enroll in the Python Complete Course for Python Beginners on Elektev. This beginner-friendly Python course covers building projects, helping you go from beginner-level to advanced programming by mastering your basic Python skills.
This exclusive course from Udemy helps programmers learn core programming concepts, including data types, the flow of control, variables, functions, etc. Moreover, the course allows the students to work professionally in Python.
Once you fully understand Python, this course helps you move into specific branches such as data sciences, machine learning, etc. Therefore, this one top shop for Python helps you cover the fundamentals of Python and lets you confidently apply for Python programming jobs.

Learn Advanced Python Programming: Advanced Python Course

If you have mastered the fundamentals of Python, it is time to take things forward. With the Learn Advanced Python Programming: Advanced Python course, you can learn advanced Python.
However, moving to an advanced course seems challenging. But with this extensive online course, you can master advanced programming as it includes magic methods, socket programming, descriptors, and coroutines.
You will also learn to develop applications based on GUI. This advanced course features videos of up to 30 hours, expanding your programming skills.

Complete Backend (API) Development with Python A-Z™

Elektev offers Complete Backend API Development with Python. This online course is ideal for intermediate to advanced programmers as it teaches them how to build API through Python.
This comprehensive course provides thorough concepts, practice, and utilization of skills. The course also includes load balances, unit testing, building a backend HTTPS, HTTP methods, and stress tests. Therefore, it is ideal for programmers looking to be backend developers in Python.

Python for Beginners: Learn Python Programming (In Python 3)

Elektev offers one of the best Python courses for rookies looking to master beginner-level programming skills. This online course is called Python for Beginners: Learn Python Programming (in Python 3), which teaches you to construct a program using simple Python instructions.
This course does not have any prerequisites. Therefore, anyone with moderate computing skills can master this course. This course covers core programming fundamentals, including keywords, variables, and identifiers.
It also teaches conditional statements, scope, in-depth functions, parameters, primitive data types of Python, and data structuring. Once you build your basic understanding of Python through this course, you can take advanced Python courses.

Python Basics: Learn Python by Doing

The Python basics: learn Python by doing is another excellent online Python course for beginners. This course helps you learn the fundamentals of programming in Python with carefully selected topics.
The topics do not overwhelm beginners. Instead, they include object-oriented concepts, file-handling techniques, and error-handling techniques to help beginners master their basic python skills.
The primary idea behind this course is that students can only learn a programming language by performing. Therefore, the course features excellent exercises, requiring practical application of Python skills to help you apply the skills and knowledge you possess.
Moreover, every question is crafted to help programmers gradually build their programming skills by simultaneously focusing on a few concepts. Then the course gradually increases the difficulty level as you progress through the chapters.

Migrating Python 2 to Python 3

Have you mastered your Python 2 skills? Then, it is time to enroll yourself in The ‘Migrating Python 2 to Python 3’ course to benefit from Python 3’s features.
This course teaches programmers to assess their applications and phase a migration without losing performance or functionality. The course also helps you explore various strategies to leverage Python 3 features, helping you accelerate your application’s performance.
Once you finish the course, you will have command of Python 3 skills as you’d be able to migrate any application from Python 2.

Learn Python: Python for Beginners by Elektev

If you’re looking to learn programming from scratch, Learn Python: Python for Beginners by Elektev is an excellent online course. This course will help you learn the programming language by teaching you the fundamentals. Here, you will learn about data types, strings, and variables.
Then you’ll look into loops and conditions to progress with functions and files in Python. Finally, you can build a game using your Python skills through practical learning and challenging exercises. Therefore, it is best to master your beginner-level skills in Python.

Python: Learn Python with Real Python Hands-On Examples

Are you looking for a step-by-step way to learn Python? Python: Learn Python with Real Python Hands-On Examples is an excellent course for beginners.
No prior Python knowledge is required for this course as it helps individuals learn from scratch. This course uses Python 3 topics with hands-on examples to help you learn professionally.
Moreover, the course allows you to use free software and tools to master your skills. It features Python functions, modules, and namespaces. Once you complete this course, you can apply your Python skills in coding exercises and real-life scenarios.

Advanced Python Programming, Script for Python Projects

The Advanced Python Programming, Script for Python Projects is a detailed course featuring all the advanced topics to help you implement python features. The topics are explained thoroughly. The course also demonstrates source code implementation to help you improve your python programming skills.
Developers with a basic understanding of Python fundamentals can enroll in this course to understand and utilize advanced python techniques. Therefore, this online Python course prepares you for advanced Python coding interview questions.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an extensive Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python course on Elektev. This course is ideal for beginners as it does not require you to know the basics.
This online course uses Python programming to guide students about critical computing concepts, including simple algorithms, testing, debugging, data structures, and Python programming.
However, it is a comprehensive course with 14 to 16 weekly hours for nine weeks. But on completion, you will obtain a certificate that you can redeem for academic credit at Charter Oak State College.

Final Words

Besides these ten online Python courses, you can also find out your level of expertise in Python and look for other offerings. For example, if you’ve mastered beginner-level skills, you can find a more advanced Python course on Elektev to boost your skills using practical settings of the programming language.