Win A $100 Scholarship for For Any Online Course

There are so many opportunities for people to further their education online. Many well-known online education providers such as Udemy and Udacity and universities such as Harvard and Oxford offer high quality online courses. Many of these online courses are very effective for students compared to offline physical classes as the online learning process allows people to learn and interact efficiently with teachers from the comfort of one’s own home.

Another advantage of online learning is that it’s often also cheaper than learning in a physical classroom at a college or university. However, although cheaper than physical classes, many online classes still aren’t that affordable for everyone, especially in cases where someone may need to take multiple online classes to help boost their skills or if someone is jobless and needs to take courses in order to develop the skills necessary to get a job.

That is why Elektev is now offering a chance to win a $100 scholarship to help the winner cover fees for any online course.

How to apply for a chance to win the $100 scholarship for online courses

1. Share in a post with your social network

Help promote our Elektev course search tool by sharing in a social media post and tagging the Elektev page for any of the following networks: for Facebook, for Linkedin, for Twitter in your post.

Example post on Facebook:

elektev facebook post

2. Write a 500 word essay about the benefits of online courses and how they can help you specifically

The essay must be original / in your own words!

3. Email your essay along with your photo and name to [email protected] by August 16th, 2020

We may select and publish some of the submitted essays on our blog, and blog posts are usually more engaging with a photo which is why we are asking for a photo.

To help us easily identify your scholarship application, please use the following email subject: Elektev Scholarship Application (Your Name)

Also attach screenshot photos of your social media share(s) of

4. The winning essay will be announced and published on the Elektev blog by August 31st, 2020

The winner we choose will be informed by email and transferred the $100 which can be used towards paying for any online course of their choosing.

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