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Unleash Your Video Editing Skills: The Best DaVinci Resolve 18 Courses to Take

There are tons of video editing software out there. Big names like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro immediately spring to mind. However, only a few of these programs have ever been used to work on blockbuster movies like Frosty, Eternals, and Black Widow.

So, even though it might seem like you have a lot of options you can tap into to unleash your video editing skills, only one program can truly give you the platform to become the best you can be – DaVinci Resolve.

For those who end up finding the best DaVinci Resolve 18 courses to take, they’ll certainly be able to broaden their horizons and deliver stunning quality videos with unerring consistency.

Auditors will find everything they need to know on that front down below.

DaVinci Resolve 18 – What It Is and What Makes It So Special

In a nutshell, DaVinci Resolve is a video editing software that combines the principal elements of color correction, visual effects, editing, audio post-production, and motion graphics.

The fact that a single tool can perform all of the above functionalities at the highest level has many implications. Arguably, the biggest of these is that, now, professionals won’t have to master and use different apps and tools when they want to perform any of the above activities.

With the all-in-one tool that is DaVinci Resolve, a versatile user will be able to get all that they want done at the fastest and highest level.

Originally developed in 2003 by da Vinci Systems, it was acquired six years later by Blackmagic Design. The software has grown to be an unrivaled sensation in that time.

Is DaVinci Resolve Worth Learning?

With the value of this software projected to reach a whopping $3+ billion by 2030, there’s zero doubt that DaVinci Resolve skills are certainly worth picking up. The incredible versatility of the tool also ensures that professionals skilled at its use are in high demand in various industries, too.

However, anyone who wants to be able to access the maximum benefits reserved for the top pros in DaVinci Resolve needs to ensure that they have a solid background understanding of the tool.

This is where identifying the best DaVinci Resolve 18 courses to take this year comes into the picture.

The 5 Best DaVinci Resolve Courses to Take to Unleash Your Video Editing Skills in 2023

Some of the best programs that auditors can subscribe to if they want to become proficient with DaVinci Resolve 18 include:

#1 – Video Editing Using DaVinci Resolve

Hollywood movies stand out on the international scene largely due to the sheer visual quality that’s almost always on display. And, while it might’ve been difficult (if not outright impossible) to replicate such a level of quality outside the movie industry in the past, the situation is much different now.

With a course like Video Editing Using DaVinci Resolve, students can learn the basics of video editing techniques with a view to becoming even more proficient soon. They’ll also pick up color grading techniques at the same level as is seen in Hollywood today!

This program remains one of the best launch pads for auditors who have a serious passion for DaVinci Resolve video editing.

#2 – DaVinci Resolve Cinematic Color to Any Footage

Anyone who has done their homework on DaVinci Resolve will know that there’s ample room for specialization with this tool. Many auditors when faced with the option of what they’d rather focus on when using DaVinci Resolve tend to go for color grading.

This is hardly surprising as this is one of the most in-demand skills at the moment.

Students who want to gain a real competitive advantage on this front can gain a strong foothold by taking DaVinci Resolve Cinematic Color to Any Footage.

From the best ways to use color wheels and project setting to the right way to leverage face refinement and mask footage, this course goes deep into how to become a color grading expert with DaVinci Resolve.

#3 – Filmmaking Using DaVinci Resolve (Free Software Included)

For those desperate to hone their filmmaking and video creation chops, Filmmaking Using DaVinci Resolve (Free Software Included) is one course you simply can’t afford to pass up on!

This program starts offering students value from the very beginning by providing them with a free copy of the DaVinci Resolve tool. It then goes on to explicitly describe how to perform tasks like start projects on the platform, enhance workflow as well as import, export, and organize media.

The course wraps things up nicely by providing numerous post-production tips and techniques to help auditors further optimize the quality of their work.

#4 – Green Screen Master Class for DaVinci Resolve

Any video editor who hopes to ultimately create visually mesmerizing effects similar to those seen in films like Harry Potter and Star Wars needs to be intimately familiar with green screens.

Green screens are one of the most essential elements when it comes to creating special effects in movies. More formally known as Chromakey, Green Screen Master Class for DaVinci Resolve concisely explains how to leverage this resource to the best effect in DaVinci Resolve.

Not only will auditors be familiarized with all the intricacies attached to exploiting this resource but they will also be shown everything they need to know to create complete VFX compositions as well.

#5 – Color Grading and Correction with DaVinci Resolve

From the color wheel to contrast and color, waveform monitors, vector scopes, midtones, shadows, and highlights, no one needs to be told that understanding color grading and correction is tough business.

However, the approach that Color Grading and Correction with DaVinci Resolve takes to breaking these complex concepts down is laudable. This is because, in just two hours, it equips auditors with all they need to make the most of DaVinci Resolve!

Taking Your Video Editing Skills to the Next Level

Now that you know the best DaVinci Resolve 18 courses to take this year, you can unleash your video editing skills and move your career further down the right path!

For students who couldn’t find what they were looking for above, here are a few more helpful DaVinci Resolve resources.