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Unleash Your Creativity: The Best Blender Courses to Master 3D Modeling

3D modeling and animation have come such a long way in only a few short years. Today, experts with access to the right resources can make animations that seem to effortlessly blur the line between what’s real and what isn’t. Singular proof of this fact is obvious when one considers just how realistic the latest 3D video games and animations are.

Much of this is thanks to the magic of Blender.

With this tool, professionals can get on the path to unleashing their creativity. To that end, professionals need to know the best Blender courses to master 3D modeling in 2023.

The Elektev team has gone over the various courses that cover this particular topic in detail and have successfully identified some of the best programs that auditors can try their hands on. Each of these courses has been extensively researched, evaluated, and selected based on it being able to convey the required knowledge for Blender mastery.

Here’s everything that prospective auditors need to know on that front!

The Complete Guide to Blender

Blender is the brainchild of Dutch art director and self-taught software developer, Ton Roosendaal. Released in October 2002, Blender has become a revolutionary resource that has extensively redefined what the world has come to expect from animation and 3D modeling.

This program is basically an open-source 3D software that helps professionals efficiently and effortlessly perform a myriad of tasks. These include but aren’t limited to rigging, animation, modeling, and simulation and rendering. Users can also leverage this tool for game creation, motion tracking, compositing as well as video edition.

Thanks to the fact that this resource easily supports the entire 3D pipeline, mastery of this tool is no longer optional but rather a matter of necessity.

Platforms That Support Blender

This free and open-source software can be fluidly used on all operating systems from Windows to macOS and even Linux! Because of this, the public has been able to contribute extensively to its code base.

The result of this is that Blender is considerably more powerful, versatile, and efficient when compared to several of its competitors.

Why Picking Up Blender Skills is Worth It in 2023

Blender is a fairly old resource, which is one reason why many professionals might be wondering if developing an aptitude for the software would be worth the effort.

While it’s true that the 3D software may be more than 2 decades old, the fact remains that there’s still a growing demand for individuals with Blender skills. What’s more, mega companies like Electronic Arts (EA), Nike, Tesla, and several others are always on the lookout for professionals with in-depth knowledge of how to use this tool.

So, yes.

Picking up Blender skills still has a more than decent chance of paying off.

5 Best Blender Courses to Master 3D Modeling

Having duly established the relevance of honing your Blender skills, below are some of the best courses that auditors can take to unleash their creativity with the tool.

These include:

#1 – Blender Jumpstart Course

Many auditors who want to upskill and master Blender may have very little or no experience with the tool to start with. In such an instance, it’s often best that you build your expertise and understanding of this program from the ground up.

To that end, one of the best resources that can be employed is the Blender Jumpstart Course program.

This course is designed to cover the basics of all things Blender, offering beginners a detailed look into the various key concepts of this software. It also highlights the numerous tasks that auditors will be able to complete with the program as well as the most efficient ways to use the Blender tool.

#2 – Complete Blender Tutorial: Learn Blender Animation & 3D Game Modeling

It has been established that one of the best ways to learn is to do. So, for professionals who are interested in mastering how to use Blender to do things like animation and even creating 3D game models, this program is for you.

Complete Blender Tutorial: Learn Blender Animation & 3D Game Modeling breaks down the various tips and tricks to proficient Blender game animation and modeling. During this course, auditors will also learn other valuable things like how to create VFX and animate 3D characters in Blender.

#3 – Blender UV Mapping: Complete Guide to UV Mapping in Blender

Blender has managed to remain relevant even now because of the almost endless stunts that users can pull with the tool. More suited for intermediate Blender users, this course details how to leverage the software for proper UV mapping.

Blender UV Mapping: Complete Guide to UV Mapping in Blender is different from other courses in the same category because of the heads-on approach it takes to explaining the various complexities of UV mapping with Blender.

It also offers a plethora of real-world projects that auditors can try their hands on to become even more familiar with this aspect of Blender use.

#4 – Blender Modeling: Create 3D Blender Low-Poly House For Unity

For those who want to push their Blender proficiency skills from 0 to 100 as quickly as possible, this course is a must-consider in 2023!

Blender Modeling: Create 3D Blender Low-Poly House For Unity is a hands-on Blender bootcamp for beginners that uses multistory low-poly houses to the best effect. For the duration of this course, students will be exposed to the workings of this software through creating, sorting, and designing assets.

#5 – 3D Modeling Bootcamp in Blender – The 3D Creator Course

Want to master modeling and rendering in Blender?

Thinking of developing photorealistic 3D skills?

Want to understand the various uses of Blender 3D modeling tools?

If yes, then you need to take 3D Modeling Bootcamp in Blender – The 3D Creator Course!

From creating 3D models to using various Blender tools, UV unwrapping models, and manipulating realistic lighting, this course teaches auditors all they need to know to take advantage of Blender to the fullest.


Blender for 3D modeling is here to stay. So, it’s up to professionals who want to master 3D animation to capitalize on this fact. With the courses that have been highlighted above, interested auditors should have all they need to begin their journey in this fascinating space!