Picking the Best Online Learning Platform

Udemy vs Coursera vs Skillshare: The Ultimate Online Learning Platform

While once it was as out-of-place as a unicorn, the fact is, online learning is now pretty commonplace. With more and more people subscribing to this type of learning resource over the conventional four walls of the classroom, this learning avenue bears serious consideration for those looking to pick up new knowledge or skills in the 21st century.

However, in today’s world, there are tons of online learning platforms you can leverage. A cursory search on the Internet will reveal that three of these platforms stand a class above the rest; Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.

Now, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. So, if you’re going to be learning online at all, you might as well do so with the best platform out there.

As such, one has to ask; Udemy vs Coursera vs Skillshare – which is the ultimate online platform?

Here’s everything that prospective auditors need to know on that front.

Choosing the Right Online Platform – Why It’s So Important

Even though it mightn’t seem like it, the simple truth is that all online learning platforms aren’t the same. Each of these learning channels employs a different method of operation as well as possesses different offerings.

The direct implication of this is that certain platforms will always be better at meeting your unique needs than others.

As such, there are several elements that you have to put into consideration when choosing in this department. At the top of that list are your learning preferences as well as your goals.

Keep in mind that several specific variables ensure that no two online learning platforms are the same. A few of these elements include:

  • The platform’s pricing structure;
  • The type and quality of accreditation offered;
  • The features of the platform;
  • The quality of the courses offered;
  • The overall user experience offered.

With this established, below are the essential aspects of these platforms that every auditor should know.

Online Learning Platform #1 – Udemy

This online learning platform is most notable for its extensive course library as well as the broad range of subjects that it caters to. Founded in 2010, Udemy has managed to amass nearly 200, 000 courses, all of which are created and updated by experts in their respective fields.

This platform shines in that it has repeatedly shone over the years that auditors who want to pick up new skills or further hone their existing capabilities can constantly and consistently rely on it.

A few niches this online platform offers a plethora of learning programs for include but aren’t limited to creative arts, tech, personal development, and finances.

Designed to prioritize user comfort, Udemy makes it remarkably easy for users to study and develop at their own pace.

What Makes Udemy Great

While this platform has several strengths, its best features include:

  • It offers a wide variety of courses;
  • All programs offered are fairly budget-friendly and many come with discounts;
  • The UI/UX of the platform is user-friendly.

What to Remember

  • A few of the courses offered on the platform aren’t duly accredited by the appropriate professional organization;
  • Instructor regulation could be better on the platform.

Online Learning Platform #2 – Coursera

The second contender in the Udemy vs Coursera vs Skillshare faceoff, this online platform has been making waves since it was first launched. Founded on the joint efforts of Stanford University professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012, this platform is where students want to be when they’re looking for high-quality, university-level courses to help push themselves forward.

One thing that makes the platform especially unique is its method of operation. Most of the courses made available to auditors are the products of partnerships between Coursera and several leading organizations across the globe.

What this translates to is that a significant portion of the courses on the platform aren’t only duly accredited but are relevant to their respective fields. Subjects that auditors can expect resources on here include social sciences, computer science, and business, among others.

What Makes Coursera Great

Perks of using this platform include:

  • The vast majority of courses offered on the platform are provided by professors and experts at the top of their various fields. This alone provides a certain level of quality assurance;
  • The certificates provided by this platform are duly regarded by several major institutions and organizations across the globe;
  • The platform contains the right blend of free and paid courses so auditors can learn affordably.

What to Remember

  • Certain courses (degree programs and specializations) tend to command a high price tag;
  • Certain subjects don’t carry sufficiently diverse material.

Online Learning Platform #3 – Skillshare

The third online learning platform in contention, Skillshare was founded in 2010 and it didn’t take long for the platform to start making its impact felt. With nearly 40, 000 classes taught by highly experienced instructors and industry-tested professionals, every program available on this platform is designed to add immense value to students.

Courses available on Skillshare range from photography to designing, illustration, writing, and technology.

What Makes Skillshare Great

Several elements make this platform a worthwhile place to learn. Some of these include:

  • It has one of the largest libraries where creative courses are concerned;
  • It offers a well-laid-out free trial plan;
  • Its offerings heavily feature practical skill development and hands-on learning schemes.

What to Remember

  • It could be more comprehensive;
  • Most courses on the platform are not accredited.

Udemy vs Coursera vs Skillshare: Which is the Ultimate Online Learning Platform

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The answer to this is a bit tricky.

As you might’ve surmised by now, each of these learning platforms has its unique strengths and weaknesses. So, as an auditor, it’s left to you to leverage these tools with their pros and cons in mind.

However, on the whole;

  • Udemy – This is best for students looking for a broad range of courses at the most affordable prices;
  • Coursera – This is best for students looking for accredited degree programs and high-quality courses and certifications with professional recognition;
  • Skillshare – This is best for students looking for tech, business, and creative courses on a subscription-based payment model.


Now that you know what to expect from the Udemy vs Coursera vs Skillshare battle, picking the ultimate learning platform should be a breeze! Of course, you also have the option of using platforms like Elektev to help automatically guide you to the best platform to learn specific courses.

What matters most is that you have a learning experience that helps achieve that desired goal.

Happy learning!