Online Course Fan Stories: How to Make a Podcast, Review (Episode #3 with Anna)

In this episode of “Online Course Fan Stories“, Anna shares why she recommends the free online course: How to Make a Podcast.

Hey y’all, my name is Anna and I am a freelance artist and content creator. And I am a huge fan of online courses.

Why are you a fan of online courses?

I absolutely love online courses because for one, there’s tons of them to choose from and they are literally at your fingertips. I can learn about anything I want at basically the click of a button.

Being a content creator and artist, I’m obviously interested in a lot of different things and I like to learn about a broad spectrum of subjects.

What’s an online course you have taken before that you would recommend?

The most recent class I took was “How to Make a Podcast” by Skillshare and I loved it because it was broken down into sessions, and we even received a workbook. I didn’t feel overwhelmed because the instructor was a regular person who had started his own podcast. He provided us with his personal experience, and that’s what actually makes or breaks a course for me because textbook answers can only get you so far – especially as an artist.

I would definitely recommend this course because it was less than two hours of lecture time, it was super engaging and it provided learning materials which helped me purchase all the necessary equipment and software for podcasting.

The “How to Make a Podcast” course helped me outline my entire podcast from start to finish, from idea to final product and now I am ready to launch it!

I believe taking online classes are the most efficient way to learn.

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