Online Course Fan Stories: Copywriting Fundamentals for Beginners Review (Episode #2 with Skyy)

In this episode of “Online Course Fan Stories“, Skyy shares why he recommends the free online course: Copywriting Fundamentals For Beginners.

My name is Skyy and I’m a freelancer and a student and I’m a fan of online courses.

Why are you a fan of online courses?

I’m a huge fan of online courses because it allows me to learn or develop a skill faster than the traditional method.  I don’t need to hire a teacher, be on time, travel and the most important: I can take as many lessons as I want in a day. I can learn anything from my comfort zone, and I can quit a course if I’m not feeling interested anymore. You can’t do such things with offline courses with that much ease.

What’s an online course you have taken before that you would recommend?

An online course that I have taken and would recommend to anyone who is interested in writing or selling is called “Copywriting Fundamentals for Beginners” offered by Udemy. I recommend “Copywriting Fundamentals for Beginners” because copywriting is a very valuable skill if you want to become an online entrepreneur or writer.

Selling is the most valuable skill anyone can have. Copywriting plays an important role in catching attention when you are selling something online. You can also build a writing career with this skill. You can always earn a side income or maybe full-time income with that. It depends on how much you grow it.

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