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Empower Your Data Analysis: Top Power BI Desktop Courses to Learn Today

Whether it’s for work or career advancement, the simple truth is data analytics skills are becoming more essential with each passing year. Of course, there are several resources that an interested professional can employ to achieve this proficiency. But, none of these quite hold the potential that Microsoft Power BI does.

So, if you really want to empower your data analysis, you need to find the top Power BI Desktop courses to learn today! This fact is simply non-negotiable.

As would only be expected, traveling this route comes with its fair share of challenges. This guide will help students more easily navigate the bulk of these.

A Brief Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Today, there is hardly any professional in the tech industry who can name three highly efficient analytics platforms without mentioning Power BI. This business intelligence and data analytics tool is arguably one of the best and biggest in the world right now.

Initially released in 2014 and then made available to the public the following year, this program is distinctive because it offers significantly more than the average data analysis platform.

First, Microsoft Power BI effortlessly integrates Office 365 and Excel. All products are from the same company so the significance of such a feat may not be too pronounced. But, then the tool goes a step further by offering high-utility features like data preparation capabilities and data discovery functionality, all in a single environment!

All of these are reasons why any professional who wants a future in the data analysis industry needs to get serious with Power BI.

But, how does one go about this?

Below are some of the best pointers to follow this year.

Empower Your Data Analysis – Top Power BI Desktop Courses to Learn Today

A few of the top courses that students can pursue at the moment to help them master Microsoft Power BI in 2023 include:

One – Microsoft Power BI for Beginners: Get Started with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is popular today because of the sheer wealth of features and functionalities that it offers. These features are why so many professionals want to master the data analytics platform. But, it can also be what makes achieving that mastery appear incredibly daunting.

For students who have no experience with Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power BI for Beginners: Get Started with Power BI can be a lifesaver. The course offers a soft landing page that can do much to introduce them properly to the wonders of the resource.

Why Take Microsoft Power BI for Beginners: Get Started with Power BI

  • It offers an in-depth understanding o the fundamentals of Power BI;
  • It efficiently explains how to import Excel and CSV files to the platform;
  • It highlights efficient tactics for using Slicers;
  • It shows the best ways to format reports on Power BI Desktop.

Two – Power BI Essentials 2020: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

As has been established, the Microsoft Power BI world is an expansive one. Of course, this is a good thing as it means that there are fewer limits to what can be achieved with the tool. But, critical to realizing all this potential is learning how the various elements of this tool integrate.

Power BI Essentials 2020: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI is a gem for auditors in this regard. This is because it offers a truly comprehensive view of the Power BI service, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI mobile.

Why Take Power BI Essentials 2020: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

  • It Exposes students to various aspects of the Power BI environment, helping them see all they can achieve with the tool;
  • It follows a customized teaching pattern so auditors have more control over what they learn and how long the process takes;
  • It holds vast reserves of additional resources interested students can readily tap into.

Three – Microsoft Power BI Intermediate

Anyone who has had a taste of the vast computing and analytics capabilities that Microsoft Power BI makes available will certainly not want to try out any other tool. But, as beginners, many students tend to struggle with finding the right path to nurture the interest they’ve developed in this platform.

Microsoft Power BI Intermediate helps make things a little easier here. Auditors aren’t going to find anything relating to the basics of Power BI because the course goes in assuming that they already have that knowledge. What they will be introduced to are ways to use languages like DAX and SQL to draw out limitless possibilities with Power BI.

Why Take Microsoft Power BI Intermediate

  • It teaches students how to generate powerful insights using DAX computations;
  • It shows auditors simple, practicable ways of achieving high-performance queries;
  • It highlights the best ways to clean up dirty data;
  • It shows how to use SQL to extract valuable data.

Four – Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios

For better or worse, Microsoft Power BI isn’t a platform that one learns how to use simply to satisfy their curiosity. What this means is that, most (if not all) students who bother to learn how this tool works do so intending to fully apply that knowledge.

Applying what you’ve learned about Power BI becomes much easier when you’re provided with real-world scenarios. And, this is precisely what the Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios course helps you with.

It doesn’t just furnish intermediate Power BI Desktop users with knowledge to take them to the next level but it also creates a space where they can test their expertise to the fullest.

Why Take Microsoft Power BI Business Scenarios?

  • It breaks down the best ways to use DAX to establish patterns and trends;
  • It highlights some of the most recent and relevant tips and tricks to apply to enhance user experience on Power BI;
  • It discusses the best ways to create accurate and advanced calculations on the platform;
  • It offers auditors various tests, quizzes, and scenarios that help them optimize their applications of Power BI;
  • It teaches useful data modeling skills.

Bottom Line

To empower your data analysis, you simply need to know the top Power BI Desktop courses to learn today. With these resources as a guide, auditors will find it easier to not only pick up the required skills but also apply them efficiently as well.

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