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Course Highlight: Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components

In today’s world, operating in any industry successfully demands that you constantly and consistently update your skills. This is more the case for professionals in the tech space. However, just amassing a wide variety of skills simply will not do; professionals need to ensure that they opt for programs and courses that can actively offer them value and push their careers in the right direction. The Salesforce Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components course is one such program.

Targeted at individuals interested in enhancing various aspects of their programming and critical thinking skills, this course introduces a new programming model that is guaranteed to be the next big thing.

Here’s a concise guide detailing the essential aspects of this course that every prospective auditor should know.

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components

This course is essentially a new programming model specifically designed to assist professionals with developing Salesforce Lightning Components. Salesforce Lightning Components are basically the primary building blocks used in the development of modern user interfaces. These user interfaces are subsequently used in a wide array of areas ranging from Experience Builder sites to the Lightning Experience and the Salesforce application.

Beyond this, Salesforce Lightning Components can also be used to build high-end custom components that can be tasked to various purposes by admins and developers.

Indeed, at the time of writing, there are a few good-quality resources that can be leveraged to master the finer aspects of developing Salesforce Lightning Components. However, this particular course may prove the more preferable option for most auditors.

This is because it provides a clearer learning path for beginners to pick up crucial skills like modern web design, CSS3, and HTML5. In addition to this, it helps auditors practice all the skills they pick up to the fullest as it provides them with a massive project for them to both design and code.

Major Course Requirements

The Salesforce Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components course doesn’t make any excessive demands on intending students. Arguably, the biggest requirement for taking the program is a willingness to learn. This element is especially crucial for individuals who have no background knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, or web design to call on. These individuals will be having a lot of new and different concepts thrown at them and will need to stay resilient to power through.

Beyond that, a fundamental understanding of the Salesforce platform is also required. This is necessary to ensure that auditors can at least start proceedings on familiar ground. For students who don’t know much (or anything at all) about Salesforce, this might be a good place to start.

Finally, a personal computer will also be needed for this program. The device can run a Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system.

Professionals Who Can Take Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components

This program can prove highly beneficial to a wide variety of professionals. Right off the bat, individuals in the UI and UX web development space will find the offerings of this course quite worthwhile, thanks to the number of possibilities that it’s certain to open them up to.

In the same vein, people looking to switch from any career to a profession in Salesforce will also find the background knowledge this program will provide very useful. Even established Salesforce professionals will find valuable nuggets of information hidden in this 40-hour course as well.

Salesforce Admin and other professionals who want to break into the Salesforce Development space will also gain a lot from taking this course, too.

What Salesforce Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components Has to Offer

Salesforce Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components has a lot to teach any auditor willing to take on the course. Some of the dividends to be expected from undergoing this experience include:

A Fundamental Understanding of LWC (With Real-Time Examples)

LWC is short for Lightning Web Components and is essentially one of the key features that distinguish Salesforce from many of its counterparts. LWCs are essentially one of the best and latest lightweight frameworks designed on web standards.

This course will teach auditors how to leverage various features of LWCs such as Shadow DOM, modules, decorators, custom elements, templates, and numerous other variables to the best effect.

It does this most efficiently by utilizing real-time examples that students will find considerably easier to relate to.

The Basics of Integrating LWC with APEX

This course will also go into extensive detail on the most effective and efficient ways to successfully integrate LWC with APEX. APEX fundamentally operates like a database -stored procedure resources. It leverages Java-like syntax and learning how to integrate it seamlessly with LWC can help auditors truly expand their potential with the Salesforce platform.

How to Master CSV and PDF Generation in LWC

Generating PDF and CSV files is a core aspect of maximizing LWCs to their fullest potential. This course goes into detail on the importance of these two file formats to the Salesforce platform and then explains concisely the easiest ways to generate PDF and CSV.

Enhance CSS and HTML Skills for LWC

HTML and CSS are two programming languages that are highly indispensable when it comes to harnessing the full capabilities of LWCs. Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components breaks down these two programming languages into understandable bits.

More specifically, it highlights the most important aspects of these programming languages necessary for bringing out the best of LWCs. This ensures that auditors aren’t just learning the general concepts of these programming languages but also picking skills that they’ll be able to readily apply.

In addition to this, other things that students will learn throughout this program include the best styling techniques in Lightning Web Components, the reusability of components, and the top reasons why LWCs are better when compared to Aura.


Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components is undoubtedly an essential course for anyone intent on making an impact on the Salesforce platform. Everything from the outline of the program to the way each element is explained is aimed at enhancing the optimal comprehension of students. Here are more programs auditors can take advantage of to complement their understanding of the Salesforce space.