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Course Highlight: Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS

Efficient optimization of available resources and effortless auto-scaling capabilities. More streamlined dependency management features. Effective service scheduling and custom tasking. These are only a few of the amazing benefits that data scientists can enjoy when they run Docker containers on Amazon Web Services. But while these tools may be readily available, professionals can’t do much with them if they don’t understand how they work.

Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS is one of the few courses around that helps professionals easily access and exploit the integrated features of Docker services.

This program explores in detail the various options users can avail themselves of to deploy most kinds of applications on their Amazon Elastic Container Service Clusters.

Here, Elektev concisely breaks down everything a potential auditor needs to know about this course.

The Complete Guide to Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS

In the past, any data scientist who wanted to run containers had to put rigorous effort into the exercise. Some of the things they had to do included but weren’t limited to provisioning, configuring, and scaling clusters of virtual machines.

However, thanks to the advent of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fargate, professionals now have a technology that they can pair with Amazon Elastic Container Service Clusters (ECS) and run containers far more easily and efficiently.

That said, to use this resource to the best effect, an individual needs to have a well-grounded knowledge of concepts like load balancing, auto scaling, service discovery, and various other principles.

Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS provides this much-needed information in a manner that is extensively detailed without being fluffy. It explores the capabilities of ECS & Fargate while broadening the knowledge base of students and introducing them to new and fascinating ways of taking advantage of this resource.

This particular program stands out from a horde of similar courses because it doesn’t waste time and tackles all of the complex topics that need to be discussed succinctly and with brevity.

Major Course Requirements

In keeping with the course’s aim of making Amazon ECS and Fargate more readily comprehensible to students, no exceptional benchmark has to be met for interested individuals to benefit from this program.

All an intending auditor needs is prior knowledge of the basics of AWS. Auditors who are at AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate or AWS Certified Developer level or higher will be able to benefit from all that will be covered in this program even better.

What to Remember

It remains a fact that Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS is one of the best courses that data scientists who want to learn how to deploy Docker containers efficiently right now can take. But, it isn’t very beginner-friendly.

As a case in point, it covers topics like EC2 Launch Mode and Fargate Launch Mode quite comprehensively. However, students who don’t have a basic knowledge of the principles and applications of AWS and Docker may find it challenging to keep up with how much of that information is laid out.

With this in mind, auditors may find it more helpful to take refresher courses on the basics of these principles first before subscribing to this particular program. This will ensure that they have the foundation to properly process and employ the knowledge they’ll be getting from Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS.

Is Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS Worth It?

When it’s all said and done, the big question of whether the time and resource commitment that mastering this course will demand is worth the reward.

The unique way that this 8-hour course is packaged and executed ensures that the answer to this question will almost always be, “Yes”.

Below are a few reasons why taking the Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS program is certain to prove worthwhile.

This Course Offers Productive Ways of Enhancing Workflow

The level of understanding of ECS and AWS Fargate that students will achieve from this program ensures that they’ll be able to handle most AWS integrations without fuss. This course will show auditors how to efficiently combine these two resources as well as exploit the synergies that other AWS services have to offer.

It Provides Detailed Knowledge of Task Placement Strategies and Constraints

By the end of this program, auditors will be able to enhance the cloud scalability of their projects efficiently. This is because this course covers various task placement strategies and constraints as well as how to execute each one comprehensively. The result of this is that auditors come out of the other end of the program fully understanding the potential and limitations of ECS.

With that knowledge, they become able to achieve an even greater degree of control over how tasks are placed and managed their clusters. This comes with numerous benefits, not least of which are greater cost efficiency, higher availability, and identification of best practices to achieve superior results.

It Provides Expansive Knowledge on Effective Deployment of Containers

This program will also give auditors a thorough run-through of efficient container orchestration with ECS. The contents of this course will prove useful in guiding students to the most effective ways they can monitor and aggregate their ECS logs, metrics, and other valuable data.

By the end of the course, auditors will have become intimately familiar with numerous key features of ECS such as autonomous control plane, blue/green deployments, unhealthy container removal, ECS integration and optimization, and various other concepts.

Auditors will also have gained a working knowledge of EC2 instance scaling as well as how to configure ECS and Fargate services in tandem with other ECS task definitions.


For all of the benefits and potential that ECS and AWS Fargate clearly hold, many professionals still shy from utilizing these resources. The biggest reason for this is the challenging learning curve that comes with mastering these tools.

However, with Amazon ECS & Fargate Master Class – Docker on AWS, auditors can get on their way to navigating the complexities of this terrain with greater ease.

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