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Become a Film Making Pro: The Best Hitfilm Courses for Aspiring Creators

Cinematography has always had a wide and profound effect on most people. And, while many people certainly visit the movies during the weekends so they can see their favorite actors and/or actresses ply their craft on the big screen, there’s no doubt that the high visual quality that they’ve come to expect from most movies plays a significant role here, too.

Now, one of the most important tools responsible for that high visual quality is Hitfilm.

But what is Hitfilm?

Why are more professionals turning to this particular video editing program now?

What are the best courses to take to master the use of this software?

Below are the answers that auditors need to these questions and become a filmmaking pro today!

What is Hitfilm – A Brief Introduction to One of the Best Video Editing Tools

Most individuals familiar with the space readily acknowledge the fact that there are tons of video editing tools out there, many of which are pretty good, too! However, while the likes of Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro will certainly do a good job of transforming a regular video into something out of this world, the simple truth is that their costs make their use somewhat prohibitive.

Hitfilm, the brainchild of FXhome, a UK-based company offers a worthwhile alternative that users can count on to help them get the job done with a flourish.

Before now, this tool was known as EffectsLab Pro, and admittedly, back then, it wasn’t quite so popular. However, the reinvention of the resource as Hitfilm and the introduction of tons of several helpful features and tools has raised its status to one of the best video editing software that pros can leverage at the moment.

What Makes Hitfilm Worth Learning?

There are several reasons why the features and functionalities offered by the Hitfilm family of software are coming into such high demand these days.

One of the biggest of these is because it offers professionals more services at a lesser cost. This makes it an option worth exploring for auditors who want to push the boundaries of video editing creativity without breaking the bank.

Additionally, it offers a smooth and engaging user interface. It not only navigates extremely well but it gives you a platform for seamlessly experimenting with your creative genius.

Finally, it affords professionals a super-stable and high-quality output. Unlike many of its competitors in the same price range, it is highly unlikely that this tool will freeze up or close unexpectedly in the middle of an operation. In the same vein, it offers a wide variety of video and audio output options, effectively ensuring that users are not limited in any regard.

Requirements for Using Hitfilm

Before delving into how to become a filmmaking pro with the best Hitfilm courses for aspiring creators, auditors need to know whether their computer system has the right configuration to run the software provided by the Hitfilm family.

Hitfilm for Windows Users

Auditors with Windows-based operating systems need to ensure that their device is a 64-bit system with Windows 8 or later OS. Additionally, the computer must have a minimum of 1 GB video memory paired with an NVIDIA GeForce 600, at the minimum. Alternatively, it could have the 1 GB video memory with Intel HD Graphics 5000 GT3 or AMD Radeon R5 240.

Also, the computer device should have 4 GB RAM (minimum).

Hitfilm for Mac Users

For Mac OS X device owners, an OS version of 10.12 or later is necessary to smoothly run Hitfilm. Similarly, macOS computer owners need version 10.13 OS (minimum) to run this program.

Unfortunately, Hitfilm isn’t available on Linux at this time.

How to Become a Film-Making Pro – The Best Hitfilm Courses for Aspiring Creators

Professionals who want to learn the secrets to using Hitfilm to create stunning videos can take:

#1 – Hitfilm Express for Beginners

Tapping into the rich resources that Hitfilm offers starts with having a grounded understanding of the fundamentals of the video editing tool. Hitfilm Express for Beginners introduces auditors with no idea whatsoever of what this software is to the limitless possibilities that they can achieve with it.

The exhilarating journey that this course takes students on covers everything from how to use resources like timeline and keyframes to the basic tips and tricks for exploiting the vast capabilities of Chroma Key.

While it doesn’t go into too much detail, this program does just enough to intimate beginners about what they can do with Hitfilm.

#2 – Video Editing with Hitfilm Express for Beginners

Although the two software programs offered by the Hitfilm family have the same basic functionalities, there are certain key points at which these programs take several paths.

For auditors who want to have a solid foundation of the potential and essentials of these two software offerings independently, there are fewer introductory courses better for the job than Video Editing with Hitfilm Express for Beginners.

This course breaks down how to perform many of the simple and complex tasks that make up the efficient use of Hitfilm.

#3 – Hitfilm Express: Create and Edit Videos

This course will prove to be a veritable treasure trove of knowledge for auditors who already have the essentials of using Hitfilm on lock down and are looking to simply enhance that skill.

Not only does Hitfilm Express: Create and Edit Videos offer a concise yet thorough walkthrough on how to perform exercises like color correcting and video format conversion but it also highlights the essentials of how to properly import and export videos on the platform.

This course is undoubtedly one of the best guides for taking video editing to the next level in 2023.

Become a Film Making Genius with Ease

Learning how to become a filmmaking pro becomes a lot simpler when auditors know the best Hitfilm courses for aspiring creators. Each of the programs discussed above offers a refreshing and engaging take on how this amazing software works as well as the most effective ways that professionals can use them to their advantage.

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