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Become a Chess Master: Top Courses to Improve Your Game

As far as two-player strategy games go, it’ll be difficult to find games that offer a better experience than chess. Believed to have originated from ancient India, this game requires a player to initiate several maneuvers and tactics to get their opponent into “checkmate”.

So, yes, it can be incredibly fun. What’s more, certain studies even suggest that this activity can have a very beneficial influence on cognitive function and overall brain health!

For those who’re wondering how to become a chess master, one thing should be clear; such status doesn’t come easy! You usually have to spend a ton of time practicing before proficiency can be achieved. Thankfully, there are several top courses to improve your game available now.

Below are some of the best of them.

How to Become a Chess Master: Top Courses to Improve Your Game in 2023

While its rules are fairly simple to follow, the game of chess itself is an intricate and incredibly complex one. Having said that, it’s important to point out that it’s still possible for the average chess player to gain more proficiency in the game simply by playing better, more experienced opponents.

However, taking that road to mastery is long and can be pretty daunting, too.

A more viable alternative here would be to tap into the vast knowledge of veteran chess players and leverage their wisdom to increase your skill level. This is sure to help you become a chess master much faster. It’ll also mean that players won’t have to suffer too many humiliating defeats before they can find their feet.

Some of the top courses to improve your game of chess at the moment include:

#1 – Chess Tactics Essentials

When it comes to truly learning games like chess, it’s impossible to skip steps. There’s a certain level of “grinding” that needs to be done before a player can even hope to get to the top of the game.

This is where resources like Chess Tactics Essentials become highly important.

Now, like with most games, how a player opens a chess session usually has a direct bearing on their pattern of play for the rest of the game.

However, by leveraging a course like this, chess students will be able to quickly identify as well as employ some of the most frequently used chess tactics, effectively enhancing their chance of winning most games they play.

In addition to this, because of how competition based this program is designed to be, it’ll help players build the ideal foundation to add more resources to their repertoire of skills.

So, whether it’s a tournament ahead or a particularly difficult challenger knocking on the door, Chess Tactics Essentials is the course that players need to always be prepared!

#2 – Chess: Beginner to Expert

Referencing other games (again), it’s usually not too difficult to get a handle on the pattern of play of most pastimes. A person just needs to attempt playing a couple of times and they’ll usually get a feel for how things work, and maybe even begin to excel at the game.

However, the fact that you’re currently reading a post about how to become a chess master: top courses to improve your game is proof enough that you know that this particular game doesn’t work that way!

Chess: Beginner to Expert is one of the precious few programs out there packaged with just the right level of resources to turn an average player into a complete chess master.

What makes this course so different is the unique approach it takes to instilling the essentials of this game into beginners. Players are guaranteed to be completely different individuals by the end of this program.

#3 – Chess; Deadly Opening Traps

By the very virtue of how this game is set up, the first player to move a piece on the board usually (automatically) holds a significant advantage over their opponent. What’s more, many professional chess players leverage that advantage to win games in as few as three moves!

The secret?

Making the right opening move and setting deadly opening traps in the process.

Naturally, making these kinds of moves can be tough for new chess players. But, using Chess; Deadly Opening Traps will break down how to perform such moves with a flourish.

This course explicitly breaks down several winning opening moves like the Italian Opening, the Spanish Opening, and lots of other hyper-modern chess openings as well.

For those who want to take their opponents by storm and win games with minimum effort, this course comes highly recommended.

#4 – Defensive Techniques in Chess

One of the many things that makes chess such a challenging game to master is the fact that a player has to do too many things all at once. You have to advance just right while keeping your defenses rock-solid as well.

Most beginner players usually have more problems maintaining their defenses compared to initiating attacks. And, sure, the best defense is a good offense. But, we all know that the moment your opponent has your King in a “checkmate”, the jig is up.

Leaning on the teachings of Defensive Techniques in Chess will help students understand the best and most efficient ways to identify and contain threats. It’ll also refine a player’s prophylactic thinking so they can better manage even the strongest attacks.

#5 – Chess Strategies: Learn Tricky Tactical Chess Maneuvers

Doing things like focusing on your offensive game or prophylactic thinking is certainly a good thing. The biggest dividend of focusing on one specific aspect of your game is that you can become better in that area much faster.

But, sooner or later, a player has to become well-grounded in every facet of this game.

It is for those students who are ready to take their chess game to the next level that the Chess Strategies: Learn Tricky Tactical Chess Maneuvers course was made. The critical elements of tactical strikes, how to enhance defenses, methods of optimizing the quality of gameplay, and tons of other chess secrets. Players will be able to access that and more in this program.


Learning how to become a chess master is a long road. But, it’s doable and players can make things a lot easier for themselves by taking advantage of the above top courses to improve your game. With these resources and a little practice, you’re sure to soon become the scourge of the chess world!

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