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8 Best Minecraft Online Courses to Take in 2023

Are you looking for an online Minecraft course? Then, you are at the right place to learn about the most recent Minecraft online courses.

According to Statista, Minecraft currently has 141 million active players worldwide, and it also attracts adults even though the majority of Minecraft players are children. 

Thanks to its open-ended nature, adults see Minecraft more like a game engine than a game. On the other hand, children gain considerable skills just by playing Minecraft. Children or adults, anyone who is interested in Minecraft may find a suitable course to learn about this multifunctional game.

Best Online Minecraft Courses in 2023

You can choose among the courses below if you are looking for the most suitable Minecraft online class to meet your needs. 

We have compiled the best Minecraft online courses to take in 2023. 

1. Minecraft Beginners Guide – How To Play Minecraft

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: 4,9

Best for: Absolute beginners

Minecraft Beginners Guide – How To Play Minecraft is an excellent choice. The course introduces the game to the students with a video-based orientation. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-digest course with fundamental Minecraft skills. The curriculum also includes the following:

  • Minecraft survival
  • farming
  • redstone 
  • building

The best part of the course is that it is fun. So students are engaged in the lessons because they feel they are playing a game rather than attending a class. 

2. Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: 4,7

Best for: Beginner or intermediate users of Java

Develop Minecraft Plugins is a Java programming course found on Elektev. It has been taught since 2016, and the curriculum has been regularly updated and developed. It provides high-quality tutorials to prepare the most effective Minecraft plugins. 

The course starts with the installation and detailed instructions about where to start and what to do to develop your plugins. Then, there are simple lectures to set up your plugin, construct commands, manage events, and even understand GUIs and packets.

It is suitable for both Java beginners and those already familiar with Java. The course starts from the basics and moves on to more advanced features, such as:

  •  creating a server for yourself and 
  • creating plugins to sell to others

3. Minecraft, Coding and Teaching

Price: 47 USD

Rated: No reviews yet

Best for: People who want to teach coding with Minecraft

Do you know how to code? Would you like to teach coding to your students? Minecraft, Coding and Teaching is a great choice for anyone interested in teaching coding with Minecraft.

The course could be great for teachers who have never coded by themselves and whose students are Minecraft lovers. It does not require any previous coding experience. 

The course will provide many self-guided micro-coding assignments, lesson plans, and creative project ideas. By completing this course, you can teach your students the basics of coding with Minecraft.

4. Learn Map-making in Minecraft

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: 4,9

Best for: All skill levels

On Elektev, you can find Learn Map-making in Minecraft to create maps and use commands in Minecraft. The course comprises over 40 lectures and aims to help gamers share their final work with their community.

Building maps could be challenging, especially for gamers needing more coding knowledge. This course teaches Minecraft lovers the fundamentals of creating commands and designing their world in the game to help them build their maps. 

5. Tutorials on How to Play Minecraft

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: No reviews yet

Best for: Beginners

Tutorials on How to Play Minecraft is another valuable course for Minecraft beginners. Video lectures describe how to complete tasks. You can pause the videos to try the instructions on your own.

It starts from the basics and gradually teaches more complicated tasks, such as the following:

  • potions
  • different biomes 
  • the steps to survive multiple nights

Once you complete the course, you can play Minecraft with your friends on any server. 

6. How to Build a Minecraft Server

Price: 39.99 USD

Rated: 3.7

Best for: All skill levels

Suitable for all levels, How to Build a Minecraft Server is an excellent course for students who want to learn how to install and manage a Minecraft server in Windows or Linux operating systems.

The course includes:

  • downloading and installing a Minecraft server
  • installing Java
  • configuring the Minecraft server
  • starting and stopping the server
  • connecting Minecraft clients to the server
  • using Minecraft server with console management commands

 The course includes more than 30 lectures and takes about four hours to complete.

7. Creating & Animating a Minecraft Character in Maya

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: 4

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn to create animations with Minecraft

Creating & Animating a Minecraft Character in Maya will allow students to learn how to create their own Minecraft character. 

The character is Elsa from Frozen, and you will be creating and animating it as a Minecraft character. The course will teach you the following skills:

  • character design
  • accessory details
  • popular animation techniques
  • rendering
  • editing

Upon completing the course, you can create your own Minecraft animation to upload to YouTube.

8. How to Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel

Price: 19.99 USD

Rated: 4.3

Best for: Minecraft lovers who want to monetize their games

Do you want your YouTube channel, and you just don’t know how? How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel is everything you need from a course to have a YouTube channel to share your favorite Minecraft moments and make money for having fun.

The course is divided into six chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Creating
  • Branding
  • Sharing
  • Conclusion

With the teachings and the tips you’ll learn from the course, you can make a career out of Minecraft.

Key Takeaway

Minecraft offers more than what a video game can offer. No matter how old you are and your Minecraft level, you can always find a suitable Minecraft online course on Elektev. So visit the elektev.com now to find offers on the most suitable course for you.