10 Best Java Courses Online

In 2022, 43.07% of recruiters worldwide demand job applicants know Java. That means Java proficiency can help you get a job or advance your career.
Additionally, 33.27% of developers across the globe use Java. It is a popular language with many uses, making it a great skill if you are pursuing a tech career.
Whether you want to get started with Java or level up your skills, there are many online courses available to get you started. To help narrow down the extensive list of options, we’ve got a helpful guide below.

Best Online Java Courses

Java is characterized by its versatility and ease of use, making it the perfect language for beginner coders to learn. Here are some of the best online courses in Java.

#1 Java for Complete Beginners: Become Junior Java Developer

If you’re a total rookie, the Java for Complete Beginners: Become Junior Java Developer at Elektev can help you start your coding journey. The course covers basic concepts like Java programming syntax and fundamentals and more advanced topics like OOP and Java collections.
It will introduce you to arrays and loops, functions, conditions, operators, variables, and more. You’ll get access to 41 lectures spanning over 1 hour and 45 minutes.

#2 Java: Modular Programming with Java 9: 2-in-1

Java 9 is the latest version of Java, and if you want to stay up-to-date with the tech world, this Java: Modular Programming with Java 9: 2-in-1 course will be of great use to you.
You’ll learn how to modularize your external dependencies and multi-package project setups. It’ll also teach you how to use services, modules, and the module system of Java 9.

#3 Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!

Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer! at Elektev is an in-depth course to gain a thorough understanding of Java. Since the course uses real-world examples and case studies, you’ll find the learning process interactive and engaging.
With this course, you can master collections framework, exceptions, multi-threading, databases, and generics. It also covers design principles and coding conventions to make you a pro Java engineer.

#4 Java OOP : Object Oriented Programming for Java Projects

If you want to learn about the object-oriented programming principles of Java, the Java OOP: Object Oriented Programming for Java Projects course is great. It covers features like encapsulation and abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism, and interfaces.
It teaches you the fundamentals of OOP concepts and how to master them for a successful Java project. You’ll also be able to test yourself with 47 quiz questions included in the course.

#5 Advanced Java Programming

People who know the basics of Java can gain more insight into the language by taking the Advanced Java Programming course. It helps you build a deeper understanding of the Java language and its mature features.
You’ll learn about generics, annotations, reflection, GUI programming with SWING, distributed programming, web services, and more. The course also includes a few projects to help you get hands-on experience.

#6 Complete Java Programming

Elektev offers Complete Java Programming, a course to introduce users to the fundamentals of Java programming. The course provides comprehensive coverage of Java topics, beginning with an introduction to the language, followed by object-oriented programming, GUI applications, and web-based applications.
You’ll also learn about arithmetic operators, control statements, classes, objects, and methods. In addition to understanding Java syntax and basic programming principles, you’ll learn how to debug programs and understand Java API.

#7 Learning Path: Java: Big Data Analysis with Java

Java facilitates big data analysis by providing efficient ways to process, analyze, and visualize large data sets. Elektev’s Learning Path Java: Big Data Analysis with Java familiarizes you with data pre-processing techniques, statistical modeling, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization using Java.
It also teaches you about feature selection and clustering using Weka, a popular machine-learning library. You’ll learn to work with OpenNLP, Mallet, and Stanford CoreNLP to perform natural language processing.

#8 Java Essential Programming

Whether you’re a college student with a programming major or plan to start your first job as a developer, Elektev’s Java Essential Programming course teaches you the basics of Java programming. The course covers topics such as variables, arrays, regular expressions, file handling, inheritance, and interfaces.
It provides hands-on exercises to help you practice and apply the concepts you learn in the course. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to develop Java programs through these activities.
In addition, you’ll get an introduction to the spring framework, a popular Java-based web application development tool. The course is video-based. Plus, there’s a quiz after each lesson to help you gauge your knowledge.

#9 Advanced Algorithms in Java

Once you’ve honed your basics, you can enhance your programming skills with the Advanced Algorithms in Java course. The course covers five pattern-matching algorithms, including:
Lempel-Ziv-Welch Algorithm
Huffman Compression
Prefix Tree or Trie Tree
Suffix Trie
Suffix Tree
Plus, you’ll learn about advanced sorting algorithms, binary search trees, and graph optimization problems. At the end of the course, you’ll gain the skills to develop efficient programs in Java.
The course is best for experienced programmers and software developers who want to sharpen their problem-solving abilities. It also provides a good foundation for those interested in data structures and algorithms.

Complete Java Developer Bootcamp

If you’re looking for a course that covers all the essential Java programming concepts and frameworks, the Complete Java Developer Bootcamp is for you. The course teaches you all you need to know to develop Java EE applications.
You’ll learn to use Java 17 and its features, such as generics, streams, and lambda expressions. You’ll also gain a strong understanding of various Java frameworks, such as Hibernate, Spring MVC, and JUnit.
Top companies, such as NetApp, Box, Nasdaq, and Eventbrite, offer this course to their employees. Thus, it’s trusted by recruiters across the globe.

Final Words

Java courses are a sure-shot way to become a successful Java developer. These courses range in difficulty and level, but all have the same goal: to help you become an expert in Java programming.
Besides preparing you for the job market, these courses can also help you upgrade your skills. If you want to take a more specialized course, such as NLP with Java, you can look for the wide range of Java courses available on Elektev.