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The Complete Writing Course: Become a Content Guru!

Discover the time-tested content writing tips and become the best content writer, copywriter, or content marketer!
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The difference between content writing, content marketing & copywriting
How to identify your target audience and create buyer persona
How to create solid blog posts that readers would love to share
The importance of understanding marketing & SEO principles

Nowadays, all businesses need to manage their content online. It might be that they are adding daily posts on their Facebook pages, or writing lengthy articles about various topics. In both cases, someone needs to produce this content. That is when content writers or copywriters step in. In this writing course, you will learn the differences between different types of writers. 

For instance, some of them might be information-oriented, meaning that they need to teach or inform users about something. In other cases, writers might be writing to convince potential customers to buy a product or service. Whichever the case, writers need to be aware of a multitude of rules, recommendations, tricks, SEO principles, etc. I will provide you with a number of content writing tips designed to help you produce captivating, clear, and engaging content. 

Writers write more than books

If you ever attempted to explain your job to your grandmother by saying that you are a writer, you might have received questions about the release of your book. In this writing course, we are not focusing on the character development of the importance of the climax. 

Instead, I am hoping to help you learn copywriting as a possible career. Since many businesses are improving their online presence, having content creators or copywriters becomes essential for them. Therefore, learning how to write engaging content is an in-demand skill in basically any country. 

Let’s say you have a product that you want to promote. Copywriters are the ones that are going to put your product in an attractive wrapper, like a candy waiting to be opened (while working together with marketing or SEO specialists). 

Recommendations/rules for being a content guru

This writing course is not going to focus on the grammatical aspect of it all. If you are thinking about becoming a copywriter or a content creator, you need to know the art of manipulating words. Instead, we are going to focus on how to write engaging content that will sell, convince, or inform. Here are some of the principles to learn copywriting or content writing: 

  • You need to make sure that errors do not spoil your article/copy/newsletter. There are many tools online that can help you detect inconsistencies in your text. I suggest you take advantage of these programs/apps as the first step in becoming a better writer. 
  • You or your company needs to indicate the target reader of your content. Are you writing for non-native speakers? Then avoid fancy idioms that might confuse them. Instead of telling people to get their ducks in a row, say that they need to organize something before starting. 
  • For anyone working with content, SEO principles are a must. You need to know how to optimize and improve your articles with keywords, meta information, and other tricks to make your website rank higher than your competitors. 

This content writing course will include a lot more content writing tips. Additionally, I will help you to differentiate between content creators, copywriters, and content marketers. Yes, they all write for a living, but they are oriented at different things. After finishing this writing course, you will be prepared to write better content for websites or your personal blog!

The Complete Writing Course: Become a Content Guru!
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