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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners: Create a Website for Free

The best way of choosing a domain name, a hosting service, and a content management system for free!
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How to get a domain name and hosting services for free
How to start using WordPress
How to install a free theme and remove default content
How to install WordPress plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). These services are here to help people create websites without any programming skills. Additionally, the system lets you publish and manage content efficiently. This WordPress tutorial for beginners reveals the step-by-step process of building a website with CMS. In this case, we will be choosing the free-of-charge option: free website, free hosting, and free domain name!

This course is perfect for beginners as I will cover all WordPress basics, starting from the registration to the result: a functional website. From the very beginning, you will find out the options for getting a free domain and opting for a free hosting service. After these instructions, you will get a guide on installing WordPress. 

How to create a WordPress website? 

In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, I will provide you with detailed instructions on how to create a WordPress website. First of all, you should pick the domain name. Of course, you want it to be free, right? Therefore, I will give you such an option. After that, you need to choose a hosting service. Since this might be your first website, I will show you how to host your website for free. 

The explanation of WordPress basics will start after I explain how you install it. After that, you will start using this content management system to publish content. Furthermore, you will need to pick a theme suitable for your domain, delete the default content, and start customizing your website. During this WordPress training, you will learn to create pages, add custom menus, etc. 

The advantage of installing plugins 

In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, we will also mention the benefits of using plugins. In short, plugins are add-ons that you can install to add more features to your website. For instance, some plugins are SEO-oriented, meaning that you will be able to improve your websites’ performance in search engines. Besides these SEO tools, you will discover dozens of other plugins for optimizing and enhancing your site. However, in this WordPress tutorial for beginners, I will introduce one of the best SEO-based plugins available right now. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this course on how to create a WordPress website, I will aim to teach you all that you need to build your own website. If you are a person with limited financial resources and no programming skills, creating a website might seem impossible. However, with the combination of various tools, you can have a personal domain completely for free! During this WordPress training, we will go over the following steps or topics:

  • Getting a domain name for free. 
  • Finding a free-of-charge hosting service.
  • Installing WordPress for your new website. 
  • Installing a free theme. 
  • Deleting sample content. 
  • Installing plugins. 
  • Creating pages, custom menus, and posts. 
  • Other customizing ideas. 

Therefore, learn from this WordPress tutorial for beginners now! Do you hesitate to try WordPress because of the fear of high prices? Well, I can assure you that there is a way to take advantage of this content management system free-of-charge!

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners: Create a Website for Free
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