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The Ultimate WordPress Training Course: Learn From Scratch

WordPress training: learn WordPress step by step with the most popular plugins - WooCommerce and Visual Composer
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How to Download and Install WordPress
You will Understand Each Segment of WordPress
How to Create a Personal Page
How to Create an Attractive Design

Would you like to learn the most popular content management system? Do you want to create a page on your own with zero knowledge in coding? If yes, then let me introduce you to WordPress, number 1 CMS in the world. With WordPress, you can create a professional page even if you have zero knowledge in programming. In the progress of WordPress training course, you will realize that it is not as hard as it seemed at first. This WordPress training course will give you the best experience of learning WordPress, you will learn to create your own webpage easily. Jump straight to it now!

Why WordPress?

Yes, there are many content management systems, so why WordPress, you might ask? The answer is simple. WordPress is just the best! It is simple to use, it has a number of plugins and with zero knowledge you can create a professional looking webpage. Sounds amazing, right? But it has even more qualities that will catch your attention. WordPress is free to use and there are a number of themes and plugins to choose from that are totally free of charge. Do you know other content management system that incorporates those qualities? 

Let me tell you another important reason why you should choose WordPress. Many worldwide known companies use WordPress for their business and it works magic. They make a magnificent representation.  Let me introduce you to a few examples: TED blog, Etsy, Whitehouse.gov and many other well-known webpages are created with WordPress. During WordPress training course, you can learn how to use WordPress and how to create as good looking websites as professionals do. Amazing, right?

You’ll learn how to use WordPress

You will start learning WordPress from the very basics - download and install WordPress. Then you will be introduced with each section of WordPress, what it does and how it works. Then you will move on to more specific plugins. If you are interested in creating e-shop, then you are lucky. In WordPress training, you will learn how to use WooCommerce plugin and apply it to your website, then you will discuss how to use Visual Composer plugin to build a page simpler with one click. Sounds interesting, right?

After the WordPress training course, you will know how to use WordPress, you'll be able to create your personal page, whether it is a simple blog or e-commerce website. You will know how to select the right theme, which plugins to use, how to use Visual Composer plugin and how to use WooCommerce plugin. With one course on WordPress training, you will create a professional page. Even if you are a non-technical person, it will work wonders, trust me!

Therefore, this WordPress training course is great for everyone who wants to own a page. Anyone can take it, no matter if you have no such previous experience, I will teach you everything you need to do from the very basics to create a professional page! Just take these WordPress training videos now and acquire knowledge that will “serve” you forever!

The Ultimate WordPress Training Course: Learn From Scratch
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