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Wordpress For Dummies: Create a Website with Zero Coding Knowledge

Build your own websites easily with this WordPress for dummies tutorial.
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How to Create a Personal WordPress Website
How to Launch a WordPress Site
WordPress Basics

WordPress is the number 1 content management system in the world. If you are thinking about creating a personal website, e-shop or anything else, to choose WordPress is a great idea. It suits for everything. Have you never built a website before? Do you have zero knowledge of where to begin? Then this WordPress training will be perfect for you. It is created for people who have no previous experience in website creation and want to learn how to launch a WordPress site.

Even though WordPress might seem scary at first, in WordPress for dummies course you will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. It does not matter if you have zero experience in programming because in this tutorial you will learn to create a WordPress page without writing any codes. This Wordpress training for beginners is not intended for developers, as it covers Wordpress basics - WordPress for dummies. But it is great for web designers and anyone who is interested in creating web pages on their own.

Why WordPress?

There are a number of content management systems but let me tell you why WordPress is the best. It is the most popular content management system in the world, almost 60% of websites are created with WordPress.  It does not cost anything to use Wordpress, also, if your page becomes popular, it does not charge extra. Furthermore, it is open-source, which means that you can edit your code any way you want to get the best result.  It can be used even if you have no coding knowledge. The list of why WordPress is the best can go on and on…

Many popular websites such as Ted blog, Etsy, Whitehouse.gov and many others are created with WordPress. It is available in over 50 languages. To learn WordPress for dummies and how to launch a WordPress site you do not need much knowledge, only motivation to learn, Internet connection, basic computer skills. If you are motivated to learn - you can do anything.

Why this Wordpress basics course?

There are a lot of courses to choose from, so why this one, you might ask? Author of WordPress for dummies has been building WordPress websites for years, so he has lots of valuable knowledge to share with you about WordPress training. He was in the situation you are right now as well. But, after learning to build WordPress websites, he never wanted any other content management system. And that means something.

Let me introduce you to what you will get from this course. After you finish the course, you will be able to create a WP website, which will be fully functional and mobile-friendly, in less than an hour. Furthermore, during WordPress training, you will learn to create a logo with zero expenses. You will learn how to launch a WordPress site and get introduced with WordPress basics. You will know how to use WordPress and will be able to design a website.

Therefore, if you want to find out how to launch a WordPress site and create a WordPress page without any experience, you will. Just jump straight into the Wordpress for dummies course and begin your journey!

Wordpress For Dummies: Create a Website with Zero Coding Knowledge
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