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Woodworking Tools & Wood - Explained

Tools, Sharpening, & Buying Wood, are all covered here.
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Tools, Timber and Sharpening 3-in-1
I explain all about the main tools you will need to complete most jobs, how to select timber and how sharpen woodworking tools.

Three sections are covered here. Tools, sharpening them and selecting wood. I will show you what to look for when buying tools whether you buy brand new tools or second-hand tools, there is nothing wrong with second hand tools there is a good market out there. Before buying tools do a lot of window shopping either on the internet or physically going to stores. so how do you know if you are looking at professional tools or cheap tools, one idea is to keep a look out for trade fairs connected with woodwork and tools, you will learn a huge amount by visiting one of these. If you buy new tools they will come with a ground edge and will need sharpening. If you buy second hand tools they may come sharp but they may not. Once they are sharp I will show you how to stay safe and look after them. View some of the amazing tools that are available both new and antique that can take pride of place on your work bench. Now you have bought tools and they are sharp. You need something to work with, I will show you the different kinds of wood, what to look for and what to avoid.

Woodworking Tools & Wood - Explained
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