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Wondershare Filmora Tutorial: Start Making Beautiful Videos

Learn how to edit videos in Wondershare Filmora in under 2 hours
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How to create professional-looking videos & slideshows using Wondershare Filmora
How to use various video/audio effects and transitions
How to add titles, credits, watermarks, and subtitles to your video

This is a quick Wondershare Filmora tutorial for beginners. If you want to learn how to edit videos on Wondershare Filmora but don’t have a lot of time for learning, this Wondershare tutorial is the perfect one for you. Here, in a minimum amount of time, I’ll teach you everything from the ground up. I’ll start from the installation of this video editor and then go through various effects, features and options. After completing this Wondershare Filmora tutorial, you’ll be able to make beautiful slideshows and videos by yourself with minimal effort. So let’s get started!

Why should you be looking for Wondershare Filmora tutorial?

First of all, I want to talk about what Wondershare Filmora is. This is an easy to use video editor with amazing functionality and a fully stacked feature set. This editor is geared toward beginner, novice and casual user. It has a very simple navigation that you can learn in a few minutes so everyone can easily learn how to edit videos on Wondershare Filmora. 

Using Wondershare Filmora you can make professional-looking videos without spending a lot of time. Even though it’s a simple video editing software, Filmora has a lot to offer: you can create slideshows, videos, and even GIFs, choose from various video and audio effects, transitions, and elements, change video background, record your PC screen, and much more. If you have no previous experience in video editing, this video editor is the perfect tool to start with: this Wondershare tutorial will teach you everything you need to know.

What this Wondershare Filmora guide has to offer for you?

In under 2 hours of this Wondershare tutorial, you’ll learn everything from the basic functionalities like importing media files to the more advanced functions like adding multiple videos in a single screen. First of all, I’ll show you how to download and install this video editor step-by-step and then we’ll start learning how to use Filmora and its fundamental functions. This Wondershare Filmora tutorial is made of 3 core sections: SlideShow section, Audio section, and Video section. Let’s look at what you’ll get in each of them.

SlideShow section

  • How to change the duration of image, crop or delete it
  • How to add music to your slideshow
  • How to add transitions and motion to your pictures
  • How to apply effects and different elements to your slideshow
  • How to add titles, credits, watermarks, and subtitles
  • How to export your video

Audio section

  • How to record your voice to the Wondershare Filmora
  • How to apply effects to the audio (volume, fade in/fade out, and others)
  • How to mute the audio of the video and add a background music
  • How to export your audio clip as an mp3 file

Video section

  • How to reverse video and use the boomerang effect
  • How to change the speed of the video
  • How to add transitions, effects, and elements to your video
  • How to remove the green screen and replace the background
  • How to record your PC screen using Filmora
  • How to add multiple videos in a single screen
  • How to export the video as a GIF 
Learn how to use Wondershare Filmora and start making amazing videos!

After completing this Wondershare Filmora tutorial, you’ll be able to use this video editor with confidence. You’ll not only get a clear understanding of how to use Filmora but also you’ll be able to make your own beautiful looking slideshows and video projects. So don’t waste your time. Take this Wondershare Filmora guide and deep dive into learning!

Wondershare Filmora Tutorial: Start Making Beautiful Videos
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