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Event Blogging Course: Find Ideas What to Blog About and Start Earning

Enroll, start event based niche blogging and learn how to run a successful blog and how to make money blogging
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How to choose an event for your blog
How to set up your event based niche blog
How to make money blogging
How to run a successful blog

If you have ever considered starting your blog, but then wondered what to blog about - don't worry, you are not alone. Finding your path to successful blogging is as important as the quality of your writing.

In this event blogging course, you will learn how to start event based niche blogging, how to run a successful blog and how to get paid for blogging.

What Will You Learn

This course is all about event blogging. You will start with the basics, and after 40 minutes, you will know every important aspect of event-based niche blogging there is. Below is a breakdown of topics:

  • What is event blogging?
  • How to find an event to cover?
  • What are the right keywords according to each topic?
  • How to find a domain and hosting?
  • How to set up your website?
  • How to write a great blog post and what to blog about?
  • What is on-page SEO, and how to optimize your blog?
  • What is off-page SEO, and how to optimize your blog?
  • How to get a server for your site?
  • How to make money blogging?
  • How to run a successful blog?
  • How to place ads for a high CTR?

As you can see, even though this event blogging course is short, it contains a lot of information for you to learn about how to get paid for blogging.

What Is an Event Blog?

Event blogging, also known as event-based niche blogging is the process of writing a blog about a particular topic, based around a single (or a couple of) event.

Event-based blogs are mostly focused on upcoming events, special days, or festivals. One of the core concepts on how to make money blogging is traffic. With an event blog, you can drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog over a short period. Event blog is not a long-term project, but a short one (30 to 40 days), depending on the event you are covering.

What to Blog About: Choosing the Event

You can choose among various events to blog about. First, look through popular searches and pick an event that interests you. Here is a list of sample events you may consider blogging about if they catch your fancy:

  • Holidays: New Year, Independence Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day. And of course the big one - Christmas.
  • Sports events: MLB World Series, WrestleMania, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Premier League, NBA finals.
  • New launches: the release of the new iPhone, summer blockbuster season, the best books of the year.

This event blogging course will go into more detail on what to blog about. You will find the event you want to cover and write a perfect niche blog for it.

How to Make Money Blogging

How to monetize a blog is a question a lot of bloggers struggle with. However, event-based niche blogging has the advantage of topicality and relevance. People like to read about something that everyone is currently talking about. Write about what's topical, and you'll get that traffic and you'll discover how to get paid for blogging.

This course will walk you through various ways to monetize your event blog. You will learn about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Infolinks
  • Google Adsense
  • CPA and CPI
  • Chitika Ad Network
  • Successful self-promotion

So what's holding you back? Take this event blogging course, find out what to blog about, create an event blog, discover how to run a successful blog and how to get paid for blogging!

Event Blogging Course: Find Ideas What to Blog About and Start Earning
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