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Webapplication Penetration Testing: The Offensive way

Learning Penetration Testing with an Offensive approach
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You will be able to exploit vulnerabilites on a website
you will be able to code your own exploits

What Comes to your mind when you heard Penetration Testing, Scenarios of detection of vulnerabilities will come to your mind. Many testes only detect the vulnerabilities by using some simple methods and report them directly without a proof of concept or a impact that can make.

Ever thought that you can escalate the issues by creation of proof of concept and can show a good impact about that issue. Creation of Proof of concept can be a very good while reporting.


This course will completely deal with the vulnerabilities, their testing and how to create or exploit those vulnerabilities so that you can show a impact of those vulnerabilities to the security team.

find the vulnerability and creation of the proof of concept is a very rare quality which every tester needs to include in their portfolio.

This course contains separate video for detection of vulnerability and creation of its exploit.

The ethical hackers who have this rare skill get paid a very hefty amount whether in the bug bounty or while working as a security engineer. The average minimum salary of an security engineer starts from $99000 per annum and if you dont want a 9-5 then you can start doing bug bounties by which you can gain knowledge, experience and money as well. So there are a couple of ways and paths you can choose.

I will include most of the vulnerabilities in this course with their proof of concept creation, and will keep this course updated with new videos and new methods of exploits.


What You will learn

  • Creating a shell in php to exploit file upload.
  • creation of XSS and stealing the cookie of the admin to get access to this account.
  • detecting and exploiting SSRF
  • Detecting clickjacking and creating its proof of concept

  • So go ahead and enroll !!!!


Webapplication Penetration Testing: The Offensive way
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