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Master Advanced Features in this VMware Training Online: Part 2

Learn how to take advantage of the advanced features of VMware vSphere 6.5 now!
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How to configure and manage distributed resource Scheduler™ DRS & Storage DRS to improve host scalability
How to plan and implement VMware High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT)
How to create and administer resource pools, vAPP, clone, template and snapshot
How to migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion®
How to use VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to upgrade ESXi and virtual machines

Virtualization is like a Swiss army knife: a superior choice for millions of companies worldwide. Of course, there are multiple sides of virtualization, starting from the most basic one – desktop virtualization usually done in favor of efficiency. However, we also have server virtualization, which is treated as a cost-effective way of maximizing the value. During this VMware training online, you will be introduced to several techniques for boosting efficiency and reducing the costs of different operations.

One thing to note is that this course is the second part of the VMware vSphere tutorial for beginners. You should finish the first course of this vSphere training, discussing the basic concepts of virtualization and virtual machines. In this second course, I will be going deeper into this topic, giving you even more tips on how to work with tools from VMware.

A brief reminder: what is VMware vSphere? 

VMware vSphere, previously known as the VMware Infrastructure, is the umbrella term for the entire VMware Suite. VMware is the leading solution for virtualization, and this is the prominent topic of this course. A beginner-friendly definition of virtualization refers to a situation when one device runs multiple operating systems simultaneously. In this VMware training online, I will review the components of the VMware suite. There are two main pieces of VMware software:

  • vCenter is a management server for handling hypervisors and VM’s. It is sometimes called a vCenter Server Virtual Appliance. 
  • ESXi is the operating system that VMware has produced to host Virtual Machines. 
Benefits of this vSphere training

Choosing to learn VMware online is an excellent option for anyone, but it might not be easy navigating without any assistance. vSphere has hundreds of features, and I will help you master those critical operations you need for smooth virtualization. 

The VMware vSphere allows companies to polish their performance, availability, and reliable infrastructure. Take action and reclaim all resources that are going idle! With this second course in the series of VMware vSphere tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to balance workloads and take advantage of the majority of available features!

What will you find in this VMware training online?

The second course in my series of VMware training online continues to explain virtualization implemented with this software. Again, if you have not finished the first part, it would be great if you went and checked it out. Since this course goes from abstract to precise, it might be difficult for you to follow everything that I present. For instance, here are several topics that I will focus on during this VMware training online:

  • How to do vMotion & Storage vMotion
  • Configure, and Manage the Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS & SDRS)
  • Plan and Implement VMware High availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT)
  • Create and Administer Resource Pools and vAPP
  • Clone, Template and Snapshot Virtual Machines
  • Upgrading ESXi and Virtual Machines
  • Install and Configure vRealize Operation to perform many monitoring functions

Do not hesitate to learn VMware online, as this course will give you the flexibility and availability you need!

Master Advanced Features in this VMware Training Online: Part 2
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