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Visual Programming Getting Started on Bubble.io

Start Building Apps with Co-Code Tools
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Creating "Things" in Bubble.io
Create Reports in Bubble.io
Create Dynamic Data in Bubble.io
Create a knowledge foundation that you can build your app on
The ability to build your MVP

Bubble is a visual programming language. 

Visual programming is essentially programming where you build the look of a software and then from this visual representation you are able to create workflows for function.

Advantages of Visual Programming include

  • Faster Implementation
  • Faster Production Minimum Viable Product
  • Easier testing and altering of the solutions
  • Smaller development teams needed
  • Easier access for new programmers
  • No code needed

Learning Bubble.io is a hugely powerful skill. Your business may require unique or expensive tools which you could easily create yourself after learning the basics of bubble.

With Bubble everyone is empowered to build responsive apps that serve a purpose for businesses and consumers. 

Companies build MVP's (minimum viable products) on bubble because it is a fast and intuitive platform. This allwos for faster devlopment and releases. 

What are you waiting for?

Let's start building today!

Anyone can learn Bubble! 

Do you have an idea?


In this course we will learn the basics of building on Bubble, the concepts behind "things" and how to create "things" for specific functions within your apps.


Bubble is a no-code app building platform designed to help you build software and applications without the need to learn programming languages. Not long ago developing applications or complex software solutions was only for people who knew how to code and could build an app themselves. Now that's all changed. Now you can learn how to create using no code solutions like bubble and you can start a software company on your own!

To get started for free all you need to do is go to bubble.io and create an account. Then you can follow this tutorial and learn the basics of bubble as well as some fun methods to create more dynamic tools and tracking solutions for your first apps. 


What are you waiting for? Let's get coding!

Visual Programming Getting Started on Bubble.io
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