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VBA Error Handling And Message Boxes: Part 7 of VBA Programming Training

Discover how to do proper VBA programming: VBA error handling, create a VBA message box or an Input box
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This VBA programming course focuses on developers who already have the basic VBA knowledge, such as how loops, collection loops, and arrays work. This course continues from the 6th part, where I've explained how VBA file handling works. If this is the first time you hear about VBA, you should head to my first course, where I teach about VBA basics.

VBA programming: your way to productivity

Visual Basic for Applications or VBA, in short, was created by Microsoft to enable developers to have more functionality than the basic Microsoft applications offer. VBA allows you to work with arrays, loops, and extract data more efficiently to later work with it. This allows using MS Excel from quite complex calculations and lets us get the wanted results quickly and accurately.

Course Content

In this VBA programming course, I am going to focus on VBA error handling and working with a VBA message box in user forms. They are critical if you want to be an advanced VBA programmer, and in this course, you will learn all about them. Just look at what we are going to cover:

  • How to design and program user-forms: I will show you what to keep to make that form polished;
  • How to use collection loops in user-forms practically;
  • You will see how to apply loops, IF functions, collections loops to user-forms;
  • I will teach you about various boxes: Combobox, Listbox, textbox, VBA message box: we will talk in detail about each of these;
  • You will learn about command buttons, date-time calendars, and frames;
  • You will discover how to use various events such as change, click, initialize, close;
  • How to use VBA programming to create a move next button in forms: this will allow you to see where the specified data is coming from;
  • I will teach you VBA error handling so you would know how to anticipate VBA errors and how can you avoid them;
  • You will see what types of error handlers with statements there are;
  • I will show you how to use error handlers more than once which will allow you to handle multiple VBA errors with a single code (hint: we will use IF function for this);
  • I will teach you how to combine collection loops and more with input and VBA message box.
  • This course will also feature a lot of small projects to advance your skills of VBA error handling and creating msgbox VBA. By the way, some of the projects and examples will have some code ready, so you would have some help when you are learning VBA programming.

You can see that this course is quite advanced, which is why I'm recommending for you to start from my first part of VBA training courses. Why am I the one to teach you this? I have been studying Maths for quite a long time and have acquired excellent skills in working with MS Excel. And I want to share this knowledge with you.

Start this VBA programming course today and advance your MS Excel skills!

VBA Error Handling And Message Boxes: Part 7 of VBA Programming Training
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