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Excel VBA loops: from zero to advanced – series 2

Learn the essential VBA loops, subloops, get practical tasks, and outstanding explanations in a single Excel VBA course.
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You'll be able to use the loops in projects
You'll learn and practice to make conditional statements and use them in loops efficiently

This course is going to get you to dive deep into Excel VBA loops. If you’re in need of learning to make conditional statements and use them in loops, then you’re in the right Excel VBA course to get things started. Whatever you learn here is going to aid you big time with all the practical tasks you’ll have on hand in the real-world setting. And since the implementation is quite different from learning, you’ll have a trustworthy material to refer to anytime you’re solving a real problem. So let’s get passionate about VBA loops, and let’s start learning, shall we!

The main reasons you should study VBA loops
  • The main reason to learn Excel VBA loops is their speed! Even with a starting knowledge of visual basic for applications, you’ll be able to do your work incomparably faster than manually.
  • Another important feature is that VBA will allow you to control the flow of the program. You’ll be able to loop through all the elements in a relevant group and then work with all those elements.
  • When you learn VBA loops, your VBA procedures will become shorter.
  • Also, macros with VBA loops are generally more readable, they allow themselves for easier testing and debugging, maintenance, and modifications compared to the macros where the same block of code gets repeated several times.
  • Loops in VBA are more flexible, and this turns out to be of great benefit at determining how many times the execution of statements is repeated.
What will you take away from this course?

Loops in VBA as a concept can be quite hard to get the hang of. Here’s what we’re going to cover in-depth in this Excel VBA course:

  • Loops, IF functions, their syntaxes;
  • For next loops (how to use them and what are the ways to mold them in your projects);
  • Do -While loops;
  • How to choose the right loops in for different purposes;
  • Handling many conditions at once with IFs;
  • How to use Case select statement as an alternative to IF conditions;
  • We’ll analyze great examples of loop combinations;
  • You’ll learn to write loops inside loops on multiple levels;
  • You’ll get practical assignments to do so you can monitor your own performance.

I recommend watching the lessons exactly in that sequence that I’ve arranged them in this course for you to get the maximum benefit in terms of mastering VBA loops.

Who is this course for?

For you, if you’re someone who’s starting from zero with VBA. However, you have to be well versed with macro editors (knowing how to record, edit macros), comfortable with different types of variables, etc. If you feel like you’re lacking in those subjects, I’d first recommend to you watching relevant courses from my series, so you come here prepared. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of time and money, right? And we don’t want that!

Gradually moving forward, you’ll learn fantastic, advanced stuff!

We’ve got a huge content in this course, so you’ll see how fast and confidently your skills start building up. If you manage to solve all the questions in this course, you’ll be prepared to face any problem in real business! I really look forward to seeing you in my class. Remember, I’m not teaching you to earn for a living – I teach you because I have a passion for that, and it’s my hobby. That’s why my lessons are always interactive, fun, and useful. I’m signing off for the time being, and I’ll see you enrolled in the course!

Excel VBA loops: from zero to advanced – series 2
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