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VBA Function Tutorial: Part 5 of Excel VBA Training

Create your own VBA Excel functions and know everything about each in-built VBA function
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How to create your own VBA function
How to use VBA functions in Excel
How to call VBA Excel functions from an Excel sheet
How to use Excel VBA function libraries for automation

If you already know something about VBA or Visual Basic for Applications, you came to the right place. In this VBA Excel tutorial, I will show you what you need to know about the VBA function: how to create, use, and modify it to make your work with Excel as productive as possible and for you to realize that Excel VBA is fun. If you still do not know what VBA is, I would suggest to start from my first course and work your way up to this fifth part of VBA training.

A little background on VBA

People who are working with Excel usually want to be the most productive they can. No wonder, the base product of Microsoft doesn't always allow this to happen, especially when you are dealing with a little more complex calculations. So that is why this specific programming language for Microsoft applications was created. By using it, you can add more capabilities to various Microsoft applications, Excel being one of them.

VBA function - your choice for productivity

If you want to be proficient with Excel, you should check out this Excel VBA online course and know how the arrays, loops, variables, and, in this case, VBA functions work. They will help you achieve more in your everyday work, and after mastering them, you will question how did you manage to something without them.

So what are waiting for you in this Excel VBA function course? Take a look:

  • You will learn how to develop complex VBA Excel functions that you can use for your work;
  • I will show you Excel UDFs - user-defined functions and how you can write them yourself as a real VBA developer;
  • You will learn why a user-defined VBA function is more capable than regular in-built Excel function;
  • You will discover how to pass parameters in subroutines and why is it useful;
  • You will see how to call services from subroutines or Excel sheets;
  • I will teach you how you can use VBA Excel functions with arrays and loops - that's the main reason why you should come to this Excel VBA online course already with the knowledge and practical skills concerning arrays and loops;
  • I will show you the in-built functions of VBA which are a bit different than the regular in-built Excel functions, and you will also learn when should you use a macro recorder for them and when should you write the whole function yourself;
  • You will learn how to use VBA Vlookup function with loops to get specific results.

If a lot of these topics sound confusing at first, relax. We will start from the basics of VBA functions and move our way up, with each exercise becoming more sophisticated so your skills would grow. I will also tell you some possible interview questions concerning VBA Excel functions. You will also get some assignments to practice to develop your skills.

Truthfully, it's quite hard to manage a big project and make an impact without the help of a VBA function here and there. Become more productive by learning how to use these VBA Excel functions in this VBA Excel tutorial - enroll now!

VBA Function Tutorial: Part 5 of Excel VBA Training
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