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Advanced VBA Course: Learn Excel VBA File & Folder Handling - Part 6 of VBA Training

Enroll in this VBA course to learn how to handle VBA files and folders, use scripting library and filesystem class
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How to work with VBA folders
How to access VBA files
How to compile data from multiple Excel files
How to make pop-up file dialogs to select specific files

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is a specially developed programming language that can make your Microsoft applications do much more than you think. This programming language is excellent if you want to use Excel for very complicated calculations that can take up even different files. If you're going to become a true Excel professional, you should take this VBA course. Just a note: this is already advanced VBA, if you want to start from the basics, go ahead to my first VBA lessons on VBA fundamentals.

The need for productivity

When you're working with Excel, you want to be as productive as ever, especially when you are dealing with a lot of files. Can you imagine (or maybe you remember) the frustration when your data is scattered in different folders, and to calculate something out of them, you have to put them all in one file? Or how you get lost between multiple files because you need to find that specific one? Well, if you start this advanced VBA course, you might soon forget these troubles: I will show you what you need to know about VBA file and folder handling to make your work super-efficient.

What's waiting for you in these VBA lessons

Even though this is an advanced VBA course, we are going to start from the easy ways of handling VBA files and working with VBA class. Take a look at the content:

  • You will learn to use the Scripting library: one of the most important libraries in VBA;
  • I will show you what are and how to use the Filesystem object, text stream, folder, and file VBA class;
  • I will show you how to go inside a specific folder to access your wanted VBA file;
  • You will explore how to use VBA file information: compile it, modify it; you will see how you can overwrite various data or even add it if you need more of it;
  • You will see what more can you do with files like move or delete them;
  • I will teach you how to use file-dialogs to make sure that the user chooses the folder they want or need;
  • You will know advanced VBA: how to skip various files during a loop;
  • This advanced VBA course will teach you different file dialogs types and how can you use them, for example, how to set filters by using them;
    You will also learn how to customize the file dialog buttons and use them to open multiple files;
  • You will see how to use Collection loops to deal with a vast amount of data;
  • You will discover how the libraries and loops are used in real life when dealing with VBA file and folder handling.

This advanced VBA course not only has theory, but you will gain practical skills as well. You will have to follow along with the exercises and try everything: VBA file, VBA class, Scripting library management, for yourself to master it truly. But don't worry: I will be in the VBA lessons to explain everything smoothly. Start now, and become a pro of VBA file and folder handling!

Advanced VBA Course: Learn Excel VBA File & Folder Handling - Part 6 of VBA Training
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