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Learn UX Basics in Under 1 Hour - UX for Beginners

Take this intro to UX design and master UX basics
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Fundamentals of UX design

If you are interested in graphic design and looking for a simple UX basics course, you came to the right place. This quick UX for beginners course will introduce you to user interface design and will explain the main aspects to you in detail. In under 1 hour, you will learn UX fundamentals that will let you feel more confident when  in your further learning of this topic.

What is UX design?

First of all, we need to talk about what UX is and why it is important. UX stands for user experience. UX design is the process of creating a meaningful experience to users. This process shows how your customers interact with your design elements and navigation, including the process of purchasing the product, branding, usability, and functionality. Shortly, UX design makes apps and websites easy and pleasant to use. 

Properly implemented UX design makes the user journey more comfortable. It reduces a number of steps that the user has to take to achieve his or her goal and motivates them to interact with your content. User experience design not only makes your customer more satisfied but also increases your CTR (click-through-rates) and sales. This is just a few benefits but when you go deeper, you’ll understand that UX design involves much more than that. So, it would be a big mistake not to take advantage of it.

Why should you choose this UX basics course?

This intro to UX is created for absolute beginners who have no previous experience with UX design. It contains UX basics and the main concepts that will help you to understand how you can use user experience design for your advantage. By taking the course, you will get a grasp on how to implement user experience design into your business to get more customer leads and increase sales. This course contains 10 slides of user experience design. Each slide contains different topics that I’ll explain to you in detail. 

Below are the main topics included in this intro to UX:

  • What is UX Design
  • What is a UX Professional
  • The 3 Principles of Stakeholders
  • Audience Stakeholders
  • Competition
  • Ecosystem
  • Content
  • UX Information Architecture
  • UX Interaction Design
  • UX Usability Testing
  • UX Design Consult
  • UX Final Key Features

BONUS: at the end of this course I’ll introduce you to my other course where you’ll be able to learn UI design.

After completing this UX for beginners course, you will get a better understanding of UX basics. You’ll be able to jump into other, more in-depth courses to learn how to implement UX design into your websites or apps.

Learn UX basics from the experienced instructor

I have a lot of experience in UX design and I want to share this experience with you. After learning UX fundamentals, you will be ready to deep dive into higher-level courses and start making your career as a UX professional. So, if you are a beginner who is interested in user experience design, enroll in this course and start learning today!

Learn UX Basics in Under 1 Hour - UX for Beginners
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