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Make a Ninja Unity Survival Game for Mobile in Unity® and Blender!

Learn to build a Ninja Unity survival game for mobile in Unity®. Create the game's art from scratch in Blender.
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Learn to Build a Ninja Survival Game with Unity
Learn to Use Blender to Create and Interface
Learn to Integrate Art from Blender into Unity
Learn to Create Your Own Content

Have you always wanted to create the next great mobile game, but never had the tools to do so? Have you seen the success of “Flappy Birds” or “Candy Crush” and thought - “I could do better!”? Well, if that’s the case - you’ve come to the right place! Once you finish this course, you will be able to create a Unity survival game from complete scratch! You will soon find that this isn’t a generic Unity tutorial that would teach you dry theoretical information - you will learn about all of the tools that are required to create an amazing survival game AND actually create one in the process!

Create a Unity Survival Game

It might be tough figuring out what kind of a game you’d like to create at the very beginning. Some projects might seem underwhelming, while others - way too ambitious! That’s why it’s better to start from the very beginning and let your first Unity survival game be something that will both help you learn and make you proud in the end. And what better way of learning how to make a mobile game than throwing ninjas in the mix?

It can be tough finding all the tools and figuring out what exactly is it that you’ll need to start creating your very first Unity survival game. However, in this Unity tutorial, you will learn that there are only a few essential tools that you’ll require to start your mobile game development adventure! Once you learn the basics of how to use Blender and Unity, you will be able to jump straight into the actual development process and start creating a ninja Unity survival game straight off the bat!

A Unity Course for Everyone

With such a wide variety of similar courses to choose from, why should you take this specific course? Well, first of all, this course is structured in a way that will allow you to learn by actually making the ninja Unity survival game in the process! You’ll be able to avoid all of that lifeless theory and actually put your knowledge to practice. Learning how to make a mobile game was never more fun! After all, what’s the point of studying game development if you can’t create your own mobile game and see how the programs actually work in the process?

Additionally, this course is designed to help complete beginners find their footing in the world of game developers. Even if you have nothing to do with coding and have no idea of how to use Blender - don’t worry! You will find that this Unity tutorial starts from the very beginning and builds up from there. You don’t need any prior knowledge with anything related to game development. All that you’ll truly require to start learning how to create your own content and integrate art from Blender into Unity are those two programs - Blender and Unity. If you have them installed, great! We can start learning how to use Blender and how to use Unity to create the next great game!

Make a Ninja Unity Survival Game for Mobile in Unity® and Blender!
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