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Make an Angry Birds Clone in Unity: Complete Unity 2D Game Tutorial

Build an Angry Birds clone from start to finish! Make art from scratch in Adobe™ Illustrator™. Code in C# and build a game now, with this Unity 2D game tutorial!
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How to Build an Angry Birds Clone
How to Create Art for Your Game in Illustrator
How to Transfer the Art from Illustrator to Unity

Has the success of Angry Birds ever puzzled you? Did you feel inspired, and perhaps motivated to create something similar, but of your own? If your answer is “yes!”, then look no further - in this Unity 2D game tutorial, you will learn everything that you might require to start developing and creating your own Angry Birds clone! Don’t waste your opportunity and take this Unity Angry Birds tutorial to understand the mechanics behind a seemingly simple game that managed to climb up to the top of the market charts worldwide!

Why Learn from this Unity 2D Game Tutorial?

If you’re dreaming about creating 2D games or at least an Angry Birds clone, you surely know the struggle of searching for good and reputable learning materials online. Why resort to Unity 2D game tutorials, though? Why not just read up on the information available online, or lookup YouTube videos? Well, first of all, if you want to learn how to make your own game, you’ll have to find a thorough, yet concise source of information. This can be quite difficult to do - a lot of videos go about more general topics of using Unity, so there’s a lot of guessing and skipping involved. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a C# 2D game tutorial, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of specific intricacies involved - an orderly studying template is a must!

By choosing this Unity 2D game tutorial, you will find that 2D game development isn’t at all as scary as it’s made out to be - especially when you have a good guide to learn from! Within the Unity Angry Birds tutorial, you will find relevant and clearly-defined information on how to make an Angry Birds clone. The two amazing instructors - Kevin and Glauco - will help and guide you through the C# 2D game tutorial material. At any given time, if you didn’t really understand the topic, you’ll be able to jump back a lecture or two and make sure that you understand the subject fully before moving on.

Why Take This C# 2D Game Tutorial?

2D game development can be a life-changing concept, and this Unity 2D game tutorial might just be the turning point that you need. First of all, once you learn how to make your own game, a lot of opportunities start arising. Solo projects, collaborations - you name it! You might want to become an essential part of some new startup, or perhaps create a whole gaming brand on your own?

If being solo isn’t really your thing and you like working in a team, then this Unity 2D game tutorial will provide you with the essential information that employers look for in candidates for game development jobs. After finishing this Unity Angry Birds tutorial, you will have a clear advantage over other candidates in any of your job interviews. That’s something that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on - you never know where these skills might come on handy! Whether you want to work in a team or on solo projects, you’ll need the best quality of information out there - and this C# 2D game tutorial will provide you exactly that! So, what are you waiting for? Enroll and start learning NOW!

Make an Angry Birds Clone in Unity: Complete Unity 2D Game Tutorial
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