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UI / UX Design Course: Use Sketch to Create Impressive User Interfaces

Learn how to use the Sketch tool to design modern interfaces, add simple vector art, and use the created space
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How to use Sketch to create a UI
How to use space

Setting space for your design is important. You need to make sure that you do not crowd the elements: let your design breathe by keeping enough space. This UI / UX design course focuses on creating space for all of your components and introduces the best strategies of exploiting this space for your project. For you to learn UI design principles better, I will be working on a project of trying to design a page for Apple. 

In this UI design course, I will be using the Sketch vector-focused design tool. It is a top-rated program for creating prototypes of your website design. Sketch offers a multitude of features that let you control the way your web design looks. Additionally, it provides an array of icons that you can immediately add to your website. 

UI and UX: are they the same?

There are slight differences between these terms that you should be aware of before joining me in this course. First of all, UI refers to the user interface: various design decisions, and visual effects that you choose to add to your page. However, to learn UX design, you need to consider the overall impact of your website. 

Therefore, to learn UX design, you should consider the possible downsides that your UI might have. Even if your design is excellent, it might not be enough to satisfy customers. In recent years, user experience has become a priority for developers and designers. They want to make their pages as enjoyable and easy-to-use as possible. Therefore, consider the convenience and usability when following this UI / UX design course.

What will you find in this course? 

In the first lesson of this course, I will aim to create space and use it for including various elements. I chose to create my own version of an Apple.com design. 

The second part of the UI / UX design course focuses on how you can build simple vector art for your website. I won’t be showing any complicated processes of creating full-fledged images that take some advanced skills. Instead, I will reveal how you can give your website some edge with minimal effort. 

In the last lessons of my UI design course, I will aim to combine the separate components that I have created throughout the course. Then, you will create a web design that contains simple vector art, some text, and other visual elements to make your website more appealing to potential customers. 

Pay attention to the fact that I will make some slight changes to the vector art we made in the previous lessons of this UI / UX design course. I do this to make the art more unique, and to show you that you can play around and build designs without having to hire a professional web designer. Just after a couple of courses and practice working with real projects, you should be able to learn UI design principles. 

Join me in this UI / UX design course and follow the process of designing a page. After that, you can try to improvise and create your own interpretations!

UI / UX Design Course: Use Sketch to Create Impressive User Interfaces
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