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A UI Design Course to Master The Famo.us Javascript Framework

Learn how to create a user interface that will dance on all devices equally beautifully in this one UI design course!
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How to Use the Famo.us Framework
How to Create Stunning UI Designs
How to Adjust UI Design for Any Screen Size

In this day and age, developers have to tackle the challenge that comes with creating interfaces for multiple screens. While the computer user interface design might seem excellent and working properly, the smartphone interface is usually incomparably worse. However, there are a few tricks to avoid that! Don't worry if you don't know them because this UI design course will teach you all about UI design (also known as user interface design) and how to implement it on your website.

Learn to Dodge All Difficulties in One UI Design Course

While working with JavaScript, the tutor will teach you how to use the Famo.us framework to create UI designs for all sorts of platforms and devices. This means that PC or Mac experience will be available on smartphones whose computing power is significantly smaller. The focus will be on how to create a user interface which is tailored to each platform and screen size. You will get help which will let you make UI design practical and functional, without sacrificing their appearance, elegance or simplicity. This UI design tutorial will uncover the nuances and features, what problem it solves, and how to add it to your page as well.

Before you begin to learn UI design, it is essential to know about the user interface definition. Basically, the user interface is said to be all the visual elements visible to the user, and which create the functionality of the website. When the site is functioning correctly, with no bugs or errors, when it is not lagging on both phone and computer, when it is clear and neat, the user interface is satisfying. To avoid complications, there is a great solution - the Famo.us framework which makes UI design more convenient and comfortable for the user. You'll get an introduction to it in this UI design tutorial.

Take Advantage of Existing Features

Benefit yourself with over 4 hours of detailed demonstrations and lots of exercises to challenge you with real-life possibilities. In this UI design course, you will begin with the basics of UI design and quickly work up to building surfaces, animations, and events. You will become productive extremely fast and will have the the understanding of how to create a user interface for any device in just a few hours! As you'll move on to more complex topics, you'll find out how to build UI designs that are not only attractive to the eye but also compliments your site. This way, the site is not only pleasurable to watch but can even grow the traffic you have!

By the end of this course, you'll be able to create user interface designs that are outstanding, and useful both for you and your user. You'll not only know the expanded user interface definition, but also understand why it is crucial in today's world, and why web developers should know about the Famo.us framework. Don't worry if you can't keep up with the tempo of the tutor - feel free to stop the course and try something yourself when you need. There are no time restrictions! This UI design course is fast (but you shouldn't worry about that), fun, and aimed at people who have some programming experience and want to ramp up their skills when it comes to developing applications for multiple screen sizes.

While working with Famo.us, you will be able to use a unified framework for all devices, boosting your site's efficiency and speed. If you are looking for a simple solution to the problem of creating interface designs across the spectrum of devices, learn how to use Famo.us framework with Javascript and enroll in the UI design course right now!

A UI Design Course to Master The Famo.us Javascript Framework
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