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The Principles of Emotional Intelligence

A detailed exploration of the principles of emotional intelligence that will enhance your success in your career..
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Determine how you can work with emotional intelligence to improve results and quality.
Recognise ways that you can perform within the emotional climate of your work environment.
Consider why you react to situations with a particular focus on how your feelings and emotions impact upon your performance.
Develop ways that you can build your interpersonal skills and enhance your relationships.
Evaluate your emotional intelligence skills and apply them to your career progression and the career progression of others.

Learn the Principles of Emotional Intelligence and learn about how your emotions influence the way you understand yourself, how you build relationships, how you manage stress and how you make decisions.

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well you:

  • perceive and express yourself
  • develop and maintain social relationships
  • cope with day to day and major challenges
  • use emotional information in effective and meaningful ways

Put simply, emotional intelligence is how you combine your thinking with your feelings in order to develop authentic relationships and make good, effective decisions.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence course covers the application of emotional intelligence with a business focus in different circumstances to improve and enhance performance.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence course is not just about deepening knowledge and skill levels, it is also about applying this and developing the wisdom that enables you to generate a greater clarity of others and real understanding in others.

Reviewing diverse scenarios within work, emotional intelligence approaches are considered with emphasis on how emotional data can be applied in managing stress, in decision making and in building authentic relationships.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence course delves into detail to cover

  • The Fundamental Principles of Emotional intelligence
  • The Principles of Self-Perception
  • The Principles of Self-Expression
  • The Principles of Interpersonal Skills
  • The Principles of Decision Making
  • The Principles of Stress Management

Ways to develop emotional intelligence are explored along with a variety of techniques to work with emotional intelligence when you are working as a coach and leader.

Your emotional intelligence skills and techniques can be  applied in business, outside of work in sports and education, or just your own personal development.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence course will give you deep insights but developing emotional intelligence will take time and effort, and even then you are not going to get it right all the time!!

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence course is for anyone competent in the skills and techniques of emotional intelligence. It is for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding and awareness of the application of emotional intelligence at work, in social settings and at home.

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence
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