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The Microsoft Excel Zero to Master Complete Course

Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 professional Master with Formulas, Charts, Pivot and VBA Macros
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Learn to use Excel at the highest level, become a professional
You will be guided to consolidate your Excel basic Knowledge
Look into common and new Excel formulas
Manage large amounts of data, make your reports automatic and simplify your work routine
Follow the exercises and upgrade your Excel projects

Stay Focused. Learn for Real!

The Microsoft Excel Zero to Master Complete Course made up of max 15-minute long lessons.

A complete Master, recorded with Excel 365, constantly updated, made up of 5 levels which will make you a new Excel hero: Zero, Base, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

The schedule provides a project with which you will be able to create and manage - on your own- a hypothetical Company- both as for the commercial part and for the administrative and bureaucratic part- in addition to a VBA project, with which you will create a data entry system, within an Excel file.

Suitable to any type of person, this course does not require any type of ITC know -how, you just need to have a PC to start off the adventure with this fantastic application program.

Every single recorded video was framed in a specific section so that to facilitate the learning, to give you the chance to follow it at your ease and at your own pace distributing the span of every step in the best possible way.

You will find more than 10 exercises helping you test what you’ve learned in the various phases of the course: the structure of every group of lesson was carefully planned to simulate a classroom experience, with the difference that it’s entirely up to you when to stop, easily acknowledging by yourself whether every topic has been fully grasped.

The topics of the lessons are the ones we consider essential to match the best expertise in the software with a perfect learning experience so that to enable you to work with Excel fully exploiting its potentials, at every level.

Every published update will be signposted: we will give you the opportunity to choose the topics to drill down.

Go through the list of the sections to get the idea of the carefulness displayed along this course: nothing is left to chance, everything is put forward in the easiest and in the most practical way and ...don’t forget to follow our personal pages, where we will gradually insert all our courses, to become an absolute expert in the ITC realm!

If you have any questions, you can: check the list provided in this course- in case they have already been posted and answered-, use the Forum or simply ask! Any doubt deserves being resolved to enable you to learn everything without any difficulty.

The Microsoft Excel Zero to Master Complete Course
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