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Overcoming Biases & Tackling Toughest Interview Questions

The Job Search Solution #6
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Preparing for the Toughest Interview questions
Interviewing questions and answers to help you have a successful interview
Avoiding the top 5 mistakes Candidates make in an interview

This tutorial reminds the candidate that the foundation of all interview questions emanate from “Can you do the job?” “Do we like you?” “Are you a risk?” and “Can we work the money out?” This tutorial reviews many of the toughest interview questions that you will encounter and how to answer them!

This tutorial also instructs a candidate how to deal with difficult “elephants in the room” regarding their experience or background. Being fired... laid off... out of work for an extended period of time... having too many jobs... having too many short stints at jobs... wanting to change careers... re-entering the workforce from retirement, childbirth, divorce, death of a loved one, extended personal illness, having to care for a family member, relocation of a spouse, leaving military service, relocating, being over 50 years old, being a woman, a minority or a foreign-born minority are all discussed in this tutorial.

Overcoming Biases & Tackling Toughest Interview Questions
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