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The Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Course in R

Become a real time professional Data Scientist by learning the intuition and Math Behind each Machine Learning Model
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Learn Machine Learning Models in R Programming Language
Learn the Intuition of each Model
Learn to choose the best Machine Learning Model for a specific problem
Learn the Math behind every Machine Learning Model
Learn to make simple and GUI Based Templates

In this course, you are going to learn all types of Machine Learning Models implemented in R Programming Language. The Math behind every model is very important. Without it, you can never become a Good Data Scientist. That is the reason, I have covered the Math behind every model in the intuition part of each Model so that you actually have the idea what is actually happening behind the scenes and that you know what other people are talking about. By learning the Math of Machine Learning Models, you will only be able to develop models that has the high accuracy. Only model with high accuracy is applicable in real world. Accuracy in model development is the most important and also tedious job in building any machine learing model that is the reason we have highly focused on acheiving high accuracy and we have spent a lot of time in learning to make our model highly reliable and accurate.

R programming language is said to be the KING of all languages in Data Sciences and Machine Learning. We have immplemented all the Machine Learning Models in R Programming Language. Implementation in R is done in such a way so that not only you learn how to implement a specific Model in Python but you learn how to build real times templates and find the accuracy rate of Models so that you can easily test different models on a specific problem, find the accuracy rates and then choose the one which give you the highest accuracy rate. Also we have implemented all the concepts keeping in mind whatever we have learnt in the intuition part of Machine Learning Model. The implementation part is real and very much applicable in real world as well.

I am looking forward to see you in the course..


The Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Course in R
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