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The Complete Adobe Audition CC Course!

Record, Edit, and Master Audio!
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You will be able to produce professional quality audio files by the end of this course!

Are you ready to level up your audio production and sound engineering skills with Adobe Audition? Do you want to make your podcast sound more professional? Are you interested in being able to narrate audio books for publication on Audible via ACX? Do you want to be able to better serve clients who have audio for you to edit and master? Can you imagine being able to record, edit, and master your own audio professionally without having to hire someone else to help?

You will learn all of this and much more in the The Complete Adobe Audition CC Course for Recording, Editing, and Mastering Audio! I am teaching this class based on my years of experience using Adobe Audition as a part of the Creative Cloud to narrate, edit, and master my own audio books for ACX along with recording vocals for my music and publishing thousands of episodes in The Jerry Banfield Show podcast!

If you are creative entrepreneur online who is a beginner to audio production and Adobe Audition, you will find the skills taught here very helpful to empower you to make your audio sound beautiful without needing to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to help. You will learn how to use the waveform editor to create audio files with simple narration up to complex effects trains and combining many .wav files in the multitrack session where you can professionally produce a podcast, audio book, or new song! If you already have experience with Adobe Audition and you are interested in learning what else is possible, you will learn a few new tips and tricks in this course!

Thank you for reading about The Complete Adobe Audition CC Course for Recording, Editing, and Mastering Audio! I hope you love it and will see you in the first video!

The Complete Adobe Audition CC Course!
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