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Calligraphy, Handwriting & Text Animation Tutorial

Take this text animation course to learn how to animate text in After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Motion!
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How to animate text
Handwriting animation
Calligraphy animation

This is an excellent calligraphy animation tutorial for any animator who wants to learn calligraphy or handwriting animation and text animation in After Effects. In this tutorial you will learn how to animate any calligraphy or handwriting art into a video with three applications: After Effects, Apple Motion and Adobe Illustrator.

Animators and Artists Step Right Here

Let's say you are a graphic animator and you need to animate an intro for a movie. The title of the movie must have expressive calligraphy. What do you do? You take this course!

Or maybe you are a calligraphy artist, and you want to produce a video tutorial and inspire your students to draw in alphabets like Latin, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese. Well, this course is for you too.

In this calligraphy animation tutorial, you will learn how to animate any calligraphy text or art using any calligraphy script or hand style fonts. And you will learn how to do that by following a series of simple steps and using only TWO programs to create your calligraphy animation. These programs are: After Effects and Adobe Illustrator CC (or Apple Motion and Adobe Illustrator).

So if you have been asking yourself - how to animate text in After Effects, worry not, this tutorial is just what you have been looking for.

What Will You Learn

As mentioned above, you will learn calligraphy, handwriting animation and After Effects text animation. To be more specific, what you will learn in this course depends and what is your profession and speciality.

Animators will find this tutorial a great resource on how to come up with and create new ideas for graphic animation. While calligraphy artists will learn how to use a fantastic teaching tool - you will be able to teach your students how to draw calligraphy with ease and finesse.

What You Need to Know When Starting This Course

There are no compulsory requirements, you can start right away. However, to make the learning experience more accessible,  you should be familiar with programs like Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Apple Motion.

The Many Uses of Calligraphy

While taking this tutorial, you will discover that learning to animate handwriting, After Effects text animation, calligraphy art or intro video can be a fun and entertaining experience.

And when you gain this skill, you will also discover its many uses. You will be able to create your own calligraphy animation for all kinds of occasions, celebrations, intros of a movie, etc.

And the best news is that you can learn text animation quite easily. You do not need broad background knowledge in calligraphy or graphic animation, just a familiarity with a couple of apps and you will be ready to go.

Finally, this text animation tutorial is meant to not only teach you but teach you in a natural, fun and engaging way. I am always improving both my art and my teaching art.

Now, what you are waiting for? Enroll in this course and learn how to animate text in After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Apple Motion!

Calligraphy, Handwriting & Text Animation Tutorial
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