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A complete TestNG tutorial to learn ninja skills

Learn TestNG framework quickly in one comprehensive TestNG tutorial for beginners
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You'll have a detailed understanding of TestNG Frameworks
You'll develop an In-depth understanding of TestNG Framework annotations
You will have a complete understanding of reading parameters from XML files

Welcome! Here you’ll find a detailed TestNG tutorial where you will gain the right knowledge to move from a novice to ninja level. It’s intended for QA professionals and manual testers who are looking into opportunities to start a career in test automation. It’s also perfect for experienced quality assurance automation specialists who want to improve their skills in test automation even further. And if you’re a QA team’s manager, you’ll be able to bring valuable improvements in your workflow if you learn TestNG framework. Waste no time, and just in a bit more than 4 hours, get a detailed understanding of testing with TestNG!

TestNG tutorial to present one of the best testing frameworks available for you today

TestNG is a user-friendly automation framework with a primal goal to facilitate developers with the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests. It helps to direct the logistics of running, monitoring, and reporting to the testing framework so that humans can focus more on testing the functionality of the application. Those who have long experience with unit testing admit that TestNG is more powerful than JUnit or NUnit. It eliminates most of the limitations characteristic to older frameworks. A developer has more flexibility in writing robust tests that rests on easy annotation, grouping, sequencing, and parameterizing. With TestNG annotations, the code becomes more efficient and easy to manage.

What are you scheduled to learn in this TestNG tutorial?

Even if you’re a beginner with Java and TestNG, don’t worry, I’m not requiring any expert knowledge from you. We’ll start by setting up Java and TestNG environment. I was a beginner once, so I know how complicated it may be to find comprehensive information. This course is made to serve the purpose of learning effectively.

In this course, you’ll learn a wide range of topics: you'll learn TestNG annotations, HTML reports, etc.

Here are a few glimpses into the list of your curriculum:

  • You’ll learn about providing test data from XML files. This is an important feature to master.
  • An interesting topic for you will also be data providers because it enables us to run the same test methods with different sets of data.
  • How cool will it be when you learn to prepare automatic TestNG HTML reports without you doing anything!
  • You’ll also dive into the world of different kinds of assertions, test sequencing and grouping, TestNG listeners and reporters, and we could carry on with a long list!
  • As you might have already felt, you’re about to learn to make the most of the TestNG framework. One more important thing is that you can turn to my team for assistance anytime you need!
Choose this course for its excellent structure

The structure of this TestNG tutorial is created in a way to serve your learning process best. Each lesson starts with an outline of what you’ll be learning in it so you don’t get lost and can schedule your time and efforts accordingly. Let’s Kode It lecturers maintain a practice of giving proper introductions, leading you into topics at the right pace. Video lectures are accompanied by code files shared with you. We strongly agree that practice makes perfect, so we’re focusing on making that true in all our courses, including this TestNG tutorial. So dive into a course where you’ll be guided the right way to learn TestNG and achieve great learning results quickly. See you in the course!

A complete TestNG tutorial to learn ninja skills
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